Aug 4, 2013

i'm just going to brag what we've done since we've been married.

mainly, because, the husband would probably fall over dead if i wrote a lengthy proclamation of love to him. which i'd probably never do. 8 years of greatness friends.
  • we do share a love for music. his more current, while mine is 80's and earlier.  (foreigner concert)
  • we had one #ohniceandchubbybaby
  • we have one the kona
  • we've lived in both parents basements (while owning a here.)
  • i've been through 1 wedding ring that the husband insured (smart man), while the husband actually has two by accident. 
  • we are both super cheap (much to the chagrin of both dads)
  • together we've been to japan, hawaii, wisconsin, washington, iowa, mexico, disneyland (totally counts as a place) nevada, yellowstone, canada, idaho, montana, south dakota, nebraska, colorado, arizona, new mexico, michigan.

  • in college i made $11.00 an hour (breadwinner) while he made $8.15 and somehow he qualified for the house alone (the day before we got married.)
  • we've owned 3 homes, 2 of which we still have. (dang rental)
  • we remodeled 2 of the homes.
  • we both love playing indoor soccer
  • we've owned 4 vehicles.  larry the landcruiser, the fj, the truck and jezebel the celica.
  • we usually go camping for our anniversary or on a small trip somewhere, so we don't really do the gift thing.  see here, here, here
(guess i need to be better about blogging about them)
  • we've been janitors together.  while it was fun, i hated it.
  • we've had 1 fight.  the definition of a fight, he's sleeping in the other room. (i won)
  • we both love to thrift shop (in fact the husband introduced me)
  • we were the best man and maid of honor for our friends wedding (before marriage)
  • we can quote almost any disney, lotr (welcome fellow nerds) or harry potter movie line and know instantly what's being quoted.
  • we both love hiking. here, here, here, here, here, oh, and here
  • we graduated together. twice in fact.  i was one of two girls in my construction program, all the guys always told me to marry older.  so i did, luckily, the husband was done with his MBA the same time i was with my bachelors.  when he was getting his bachelors i decided to graduate with an associates (i don't even remember what it was called)
  • both our birthdays are in march.
  • we love to sled 
  • neither of us can remember how long (or short we dated) or when we actually got engaged. 
  • we've been to the emergency room, too many times, before and after being married.  always because of me.  always.  
  • we are so opposite it's crazy we've made it this long.
i'm fairly please with this list, mainly, because it does show that we actually do have stuff in common.  people ask us all the time and i can't usually think of anything except maybe hiking.  but that's why we get married right?   

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