Apr 7, 2014

While his due date rolls by, at least we got his quilt done.

Guess who stopped by today with a little something?!
My amazing seamstress/crafter friend Holli.  I had traded her some Footzoning for her to bind baby boy's quilt.  If you'll recall, she made one of my favorite quilts ever for Aiko.  here

This picture is probably the best true to color photo.  I wanted as deep a blue as I could get, so you'll probably notice some of the pictures look black...one day I'll learn about photography.  I bought the fabric from a shop on Etsy here.  I even washed it and it stayed pretty much the same. 

This is pretty much the whole quilt!  I made it the size of a crib.

Here is after hand stitching all the constellations and then tying french knots to bind the two sides together.  Which, it only took my until now to learn how to do french knots.  I always just a tied a knot. 

Sadly, it does gather lint like crazy...but it looks ever so amazing after being cleaned up!


Before handing it over to Holli I did attempt to lint roll it.  But of course, the lint roller ran out.  Holli is a very detailed person, luckily, it came back all lint free from her house. 

See this binding?  I love it.  
I once made a quilt...the binding, well let's just say it's half done and works enough for me.  


Thanks to my mom, Auntie Mitsie and Holli for helping me finish it! Because really, it always takes many people to finish a quilt. 

Because I say, it was well worth it.  I love staring at it.

Previous blog about the quilting process here.


  1. You are one talented and patient girl! Good job harm, this looks amazing!

  2. How did you know what to embroider where?? Did you have a pattern you were following? If so, could you share?

    1. Hello! I didn't really follow pattern, I looked at a few constellations and then made there best up. I kind of just made the constellation to fit whatever. Then I added some french knots to fill the empty spaces. I looked up constellations on pinterest. Good luck!

  3. This is beautitul. What type of embroidery thread did you use?