Oct 31, 2011

Uncle Noel

MASSA, Italy- A bus full of young Soldiers and Airmen from Camp Darby, Italy, listened intently as former Pfc. Noel Yuzuro Okamoto recalled the time when he was wounded in action in the hills by Massa, Italy.

*another random fact, my grandmother's first husband died in Italy during WWII

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Tick Tock...Tick Tock

Oct 25, 2011


I can't help it. 
i hate mushrooms, but they are soooo pretty. 
it may be the fact that gram used to grow them in the basement
on some moldy thing my uncle bought her...

I watched my life flash before my eyes.

Trying to blow off some steam.
Sitting my rump on a Lifetime picnic table outside.
Soaking in all the vitamin D I can.
Is it raining?
It's only those seagulls barely visible in the sky
Circiling. . . Pooping.
I really could have just died. 
Funny, how having poop so close
Makes me not angry anymore.

Oct 23, 2011

Membil Giveaways

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We know how to shoot guns now.

After going shooting once with our dear brother Jan,
and learning about gun safety from the husband, 
we felt pretty much like the sharp shooters of the west.

So, my dad took us out shooting.
which we properly dressed for.
notice my short sleeve sweatshirt and awesome granny pants
and hali was wearing the holster with gym shorts
and hannah is holding the gun correctly (after much chastizing from daddy)

We hit many cans.
The Kona is not gun shy.
And there are some super weird people in Mountain Green.
No Offense. 

Oct 20, 2011

10 favs about fall.

1. Pumpkin everything!
2. Leaves changing colors
3. My mustard sweater
4. Boots
5. Wearing scarves almost everyday
6. Bike Rides
7. Eating soups all the time.
8. Fall has a certain smell.  Crispy perhaps?
9. Picking Fruits and Veggies
10. Making Fruit Leather

Oct 11, 2011

Sterilite 18-Gal Tote in Orange


Went to Wally World they other day. 
I found this tote. 
It was red-orange.
I bought it. 
I've been in love with this color for, hmmmm, forever. 
Sign says "don't forget lid."
Got it.
When I'm at home, The Husband discovers the lid doesn't match. 
Stupid lids. 

We are back at Wally World. 
I only bring the lid, because really, why would I bring the whole tote?
Lady at the front of Wally World has a worried look. 
Tells me to go promptly to customer service. 
I wait in line. 
Get up there, next lady looks at me crazy.
"I just want to change the lid, I got the wrong size."
(what i'm really thinking of saying is yes, 
i stole only the lid, because it was red-orange.)
Lady says 
"Okay, go get it and bring it back here."

Search, Searching...
No Red-Orange lids.
Grab a gray lid. 
Even though I can't stand it. 
Take it to second lady in the customer service
but I am waiting in line first.
Third customer service lady says
"She made you wait in line?"
I shrug.
Walk by the first lady.
I tote the gray tote lid out to my car to the waiting Kona. 
Go back inside Wally World.
Find Husband. 
Also find red-orange tote lids I the 18 gallon variety. 
Grab red-orange lid.

Go back to customer service.
third lady has a long line. 
I don't wait. 
"Mammm? I found the red-orange lid, can I trade yet again.?"
third lady stares at me.
I hand her the red-orange lid.
Leave line. 

(Read at a rapid rate and quick tempo)
Bypass first lady again. 
Grab my cursed gray lid from the car with The Kona
Bypass front door first lady
Head over to Customer Service
Not waiting again. 
Trade the gray for the red-orange.

Sweet. Sweet. Success.