Mar 21, 2010

Mustache March

I <3 Fascial Hair.

If I was a man (Harmony Speaking) and could grow Fascial Hair, oh man, just think of the possibilities!

Derek in Mustache March!  
(I begged him to do the Fu-Man-Chu look, <3 it)

Harmony's Reaction to Mustache March! 

Kona is Mustache March. Doesn't this look like Dukes of Hazards or something?

InstaFriends and Hiking at Fernwood

Went Hiking this weekend.  It's about 5 minutes from the house and you can hike for miles.  There's some nice trails all along the bench. As you can tell, it was very sunny.

Meet our new neighbors and friends, The Crawhorn's.  They are from Indiana. 
We've become instant friends, the first time I talked to Susan I knew they were the right people for us.   They like the outdoors and even have a black Lab.  Susan is loud, I am loud.  Our husbands name is Derek.   Susan REALLY likes rocks (she's a geologist, notice they're bulging pockets and large rocks she is holding) Harmony likes rocks.  Not as much as Susan, but still.  When Derek (not to be confused with Susan's Derek) would go hiking I would always gather cool rocks and ask him to carry them for me.  I like to put them in my plants, while Susan has Large BINS of Rocks. 

Yup.  InstaFriends are always nice to Find. 

Mar 20, 2010

Eat the Tops

CupCake Cake

Delicious.  I saw a photo of some awesome cupcakes and thought, I <3 cake. 
So this week we've made mucho cakes.  One for church, duos for birthday.
But these are my absolute favorite cake ever, hence, I will now and forever ask for these!!

This is my cupcake without the top, because, I always eat the top off, its just what needs to be done.
Tricky eh?  There has been some debate whether this will effect the colors of my insides.  But I saw it is worth it.  
Take cake batter and separate into however many colors you want, dopple a spoonful in each cup and shake a little to help settle batter.  If it helps, think ROYBGV.   I have a hard time saying it.

Doesn't it remind you of PlayDo Ice Cream?

Mar 15, 2010

It's a BundT Cake. BundT

Hali is having a Bridal Shower for one of her buddy's. I'm not even sure who she is, nonetheless I volunteered to make some desserts.  So here I am, using 700 Watts of mixing power.  Which, by the way, if you are thinking to yourself "Self, I could use a new mixer."  Think no More!  
Bosch Universal Mixer

Anyways, I decided to make Aunti Mitsie's poppyseed 7up cake.  I was cracking the 5 eggs, one by one, as the recipe called, all the while, thinking how cool I was cracking the eggs one handed.  (My friend Ryan taught me to do it one handed years ago) Until I dropped the innards plus the bigger half the eggshell.  
And because the Bosch Universal Mixer lets one drop the ingredients while mixing, the Bosch Universal Mixer munched up that half eggshell.                       
What to do.

I did think about starting over, but I had 1.5 cups of butter and 3 cups of sugar, plus the 5 eggs already invested in this cake.  So, we got down and dirty. I really don't mind getting dirty, but for some reason, I really hate butter, oil, olive oil, basically anything oily on my hands.  Which is probably why I don't really use lotion. . .but I sucked it up, washed my hands and proceeded to press out eggshells, between my fingers.  Eww.  

After thoroughly washing my hands repeatedly, I added the rest of the ingredients. So, we saved the BundT cake.  It will be delicious and eaten with soft hands.

7up Cake
Cook at 325 for 1.25 hours.

1.5 cups butter
3 cups sugar
5 eggs
3 cups flour
2 tbs lemon extract
.75 cups 7up
2 tbs poppy seeds

Cream sugar and butter until light and fluffy.  Add eggs, one at a time, (no eggshell please).  Beat well.  Add flour.  Beat in extract, 7up and poppy seeds.  Pour into a well greased BundT cake pan.  Create lemonly frosting to drizzle over.  

To top off the night, I am watching a Cake Challenge on Food Network.  What do you think those judges would say about my egg sifting hand technique?

Mar 12, 2010

What's better than Disney on Ice?

Wait for it

No, I don't know why it's called "Worlds of Fantasy" and why Lighting McQueen is in it.

Terrance on Ice!!!!
Who is Terrance?  Hannah and I were wondering the same thing.  
We've come to the conclusion that it's Tinkerbell's Boyfriend, Fairy Boyfriend

Yes, we really did go. And yes, it really was way cool, except for the Tinkerbell part...but little Laney thought otherwise. She was very concerned that she hadn't seen Tinkerbell yet and the show was over. Kim then explained that is was just Half Time (Intermission is not yet part of her vocabulary) 

I thought this scene was really cool.  The Lion King choreography was way neat.  Except for the part where Mufasa died.  Little Laney asked question after question about why Simba's dad was dead and why was he in heaven and why why why.  I thought it really was a pretty depressing scene, and could feel the hush through the entire audience, but that was where all the best choreography happened. 

The CARS scene was pretty neat.  The cars really drove on the ice and well the choreography was just like the church parking lots when some good snow has fallen, ya know, the 8 shape and the donuts. 
Circles Basically.  But cool nonetheless.

Here at the Hesley household, we know Disney songs.  We basically are DISNEY.  We have all the disney collection cds and know pretty much all the songs.  "Under the Sea" happens to be one of my favorite songs.   I was totally singing the seagull part, the "Waaaaaa waaaaa WAAAAA." 

But I am afraid, I have to draw the line on this Tinkerbell Show.  I will not be learning the soundtrack.  Plus there was this GIANT Fairy Lady that floating around with a harness.  It reminded me of a Harpy. But I will admit, this scene is pretty cool looking. 

Disney on Ice.  That's right.  Tickets starting at $13.00

Mar 8, 2010

Partying in Southern Utah

We went to Silver Reef this last weekend with Derek's Fam.  I've never been to Silver Reef and I just noticed that there was a lookout point on this sign.  I just took the picture and never read it.

Where's Harmony?   Buahaha.  It's funny. 
These boys and their walking sticks.  Gotta love em.  Logan on the left would not smile for any pictures, only funny faces. 

Cool Curvy tree picture.

Again Funny Face

Apparently, there are a lot of "Naked" people that walk around here in the summer.  It was the place to go an tan in your bikini in High School.  So I'm told.  

Don't worry Cyclops was not found in the desert.  That's just Harmony. 

I was doing funny poses on this rock and my hair wanted to pose too. Derek thought this was hilarious for some reason. . . 

Walking Sticks are good but nothing beats holding Aunt Steph's hand.

Cool Rock formations with little boys.

Logan was trying so hard on those tippy toes. 

Trooper Mama with Tyler. 

No regular smiles here. 

Or here.  Tyler is taking notes though. 

There was a part of the trail where you could climb up the rock with the rope up to the top of the waterfall. 

I just noticed that little Caleb is almost as tall as me here....won't be long. 
Logan making the climb along the rocks.  
Little kids have no fear.  So funny.  

This picture plays tricks on your eyes.  Steph look like she is on the side of a cliff in one half and Caleb is walking in a completely different picture. 

Look at the form!

So I watched this guy to a Tarzan trick on the rock with the rope, and I thought "I can." 
Don't forget the "t" in "CAN'T"

Here my husband made it look so easy.
Obviously his coaching wasn't helping me. He was keeping all the tricks to himself. 
Hopefully, you haven't read all the way to the bottom, because what you will find here is a not very good picture.  I was being defiant and didn't put on mascara.  Sure showed them.  
Also, please note that really red spot on Derek's forehead.  If you look at my previous blog you'll see Derek's Birthday Cake, and here you see the same cake again.  I was pulling out the stuff to make the Beloved Pudding Whip Cream Topping, I asked Derek a question about it and he said 
"But I don't want you to make the topping, I want my mom to make it."  
Hence, he went in a headlock and apparently I rubbed his head into the carpet a 
little harder than I anticipated.  
So after Carol made the topping, they sang Happy Birthday to us.  
It was a short but very fun weekend. Loved it.