Dec 28, 2007

Fort Building at Gram Oka's

"The Beginning"
We've always built a fort at Gram Oka's on Christmas Day. The neighbors always plowed their snow on the corner of gram's lot since my mom was little. The forts have been made for two generations.
Hannah, Hali, Tracey and Harmony created this masterpiece, with connecting tunnels from Hali to Hannah. Harmony and Kona went through the tunnel first.
"OKA" Kanji
Drawn and Sprayed by Tracey
" The Inside"

Dec 4, 2007

Harmony's Latest

So I've been home a lot lately. I've painted almost my entire house and packed it up. I've also been baking bread, pumpkin rolls (they taste good and thats all that counts right?) and a cake. Today was my second day ever baking bread by myself....It actually turned out good! I'm going to miss Old Iron town, we had some beautiful sunsets. And it was nice to actually see the stars...all of them.

Nov 30, 2007

We got elfed!

If you want to see us in action, visit this link:

Nov 27, 2007

Nov 19, 2007


Recently, Derek and I have decided to move to the Salt Lake Area. Last Tuesday we put in our 4 weeks and now we will be moving up north on December 15, with or without a job. It's kind of exciting to pick up and move. Derek has been interviewing with Franklin Covey, which we hear from tomorrow. I will begin the job searching once we have found out where Derek is going to be working. We will miss our little town though, it's been fun, but after 2 long years of discussing moving we will do it. It's scary for Derek, he's never lived anywhere else, I on the other hand am extremely excited and ready for the change. We'll miss our family and friends. But wish us luck to our little adventure!!

Nov 4, 2007

These are our Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns, we didn't have a single trick or treater
We went camping with the Nelson, Shaheens to a place called Honeycomb Campsite. It is by Enterprise. There were these weird plants that looked like something from Dr. Seus Books. But the campsite was cool, there were places to sleep, firepits, and hidden campsites in the caves around this strange rock formation in the middle of nowhere.
Caleb and Derek Climbed very high on the Honeycomb rocks.

Oct 9, 2007

No recent pictures

I don't have any pictures so I thought I would actually "blog" So we decided this last weekend to buy a truck. So Derek bought a 2002 Tundra, in a dark green color. He likes it. We always seem to need a truck and well we bought one. We went up to Layton to visit my family for conference weekend. It was crazy, they cleaned out grandma's pantry, we found a canned something from 1981. Needless to say they threw it away. Grandma's fruit trees are going crazy, the apple tree looks like there were more apples than leaves. So we got two big boxes of apples, a bag of homegrown onions, pear-apples, and lots of canned fruit (we needed food storage) Have a great day!

Oct 2, 2007


We went on a vacation to go see Dad in Seattle. We saw all sorts of cool things. We went to the Space Needle aka the Spindle, Chinatown, Pikes Market, a suspension bridge that had bridges all through these trees, it was like Swiss Family Robinson. Sometimes we were 40 ft in the air, walking from tree to tree. It was way cool. We also went to this place called the Underground. There is a city underneath Seattle that was the original about 30 feet underneath the existing road!! It is crazy. Back in the day, they had the road up 30' and there were shops that you had to get to by ladder all the way down, plus drunk people would die because they fell in the deep sides or barrels would come and smash people too. We also went to a really big waterfall with a large name also that I don't know. Seattle really is a pretty place, boysenberry's grew like weeds, you could pick them from anywhere. We had fun with dad!

Sep 13, 2007


We are building a Garage!! Wahoo! Our veggies are doing good! All these were picked today. GT Builders, where Harm works, we just had the Parade of Homes, and we won! Harm got to pick out colors and things that were in it! It's cool that GT won in their first year they entered. Derek's Work, Strategic Planet, does GT's Marketing, and he made an Awesome brochure and their website!

Go there! You can download the brochure pretty quick. It was a good learning experience.

Old Iron town is a great place, tonight we went on a picnic on the pond boat with some home grown BLT sandwhiches! Delicious.

Oh, Derek's dad makes a way good HOT PB&J, just put your regular sandwhich in a sandwhich maker and Viola! Delicious!

Jul 24, 2007

First Crop!

For some reason there is a lot of numbers and letters instead of pictures as far as I can see, so here is my caption for the pics. Our First Crop is pretty cool, the dang rabbits ate everything but my squash, zucchini, blackberry plant, and watermelon. So here ya go gang! Derek is reading the last chapter of Harry Potter which he has been reading ALL Day now. John and Lindsay came out to the pond. Kona is wrestling with Derek's foot. If you would like any of these delicious vegetables, you'll just have to visit, and win a prize (veggies)

Jun 23, 2007

BEHOLD! The Garden!

We got our garden planted! I've never done a garden by irrigation
Derek planted the Zuccs. We have many growing now.
These pretty pink flowers grow out of nowhere. I think they are chrysthansumums(?)
I know you can't see it but we have apples!

Scott & Derek plaing the WII (Boxing)

Our friend Scott came out to play the WII

Jun 21, 2007

Fun with the Tormans in Old Iron Town

Derek squeezed into Harm's kayak
Tracey and harmony swimming (Janet floating in the background)

Tracey also squeezing into Harm's little kayak

Janet watching over us while we swim.

Hal and his Mighty staff.

It was fun thanks for coming Tormans!

May 27, 2007


Larry the LandCruiser at his finest!

Alex looks pretty stoked!
The Miller's First GEOCACHE!

We went camping at Three Peaks with the Millers, Alex, and Mary. We took them Geocaching! It got pretty intense. We used the GPS and found two!! It was pretty fun! We will miss the Miller's!