Jan 30, 2013

knitting skills

i wish i had knitting skills.
one of my friends, Anne Russell, makes amazing knit items. 

like the beauty you see above.
i kept checking every few weeks to see if her sweater would fit 
it finally does!
i love the little squash hat!

one day i may try to knit and succeed
one day.

there's a foul scent in the air

what inversion?

the husband and i argued if this was inversion or fog. 
him : fog
me: inversion
together : finversion

this is what kona does if the husband is eating something...like stale candy corns.  he bought three bags a month or so 

...because they were 50 cents a piece. 

Jan 29, 2013

chippin away

freezing rain...something i've never seen in utah
i did expect someone to end up in our front lawn again...

yes, the entire, steep, crazy driveway is covered with ice

and instead of being stuck in our lawn, angie got stuck sideways in our driveway.  somehow backing up resulted in this.  we had to chip away all the ice, then shovel it to the side. sigh.
good times though.

Jan 28, 2013

baby for dinner

it seems more and more often that we have a dinner guest. 
she's no longer content sleeping all the time.
she now feels it important to be apart of EVERYTHING.
which is okay with me, especially since she isn't quite at the grabbing-everything-in-sight


sometimes we have what is called "creepy baby."
when she is not quite awake she opens her eyes slightly and then rolls them back into her head.
or in this picture i came up to her crib and she had her head lifted and was looking the other way.   then, ever so slowly, she turns her head and gives me this look.

honestly, it reminded me of a goosebumps book i read once about a ventriloquist doll.

Jan 26, 2013

breaded it

this bread really is super easy and terribly delicious!
although, mine doesn't look quite as pretty . . .
pinned from here.

maybe one of you will come play

the kona is needing some love

Jan 25, 2013

generations at 3 months

so this story kind of applies but not really.
when in my teens, i was caught licking my dessert plate by none other than my mom. (we grew up with what i think would be considered STRICT table manners.  so this was a serious no-no.)
where did i learn this trick?  well from my grams.  after eating some ice cream, grams would lift the bowl to her face, stick out her tongue and lick.  just the other day my mom was eating some mochi and what did i find her doing?  LICKING the left over sauce.  then later i come upon her teaching aiko how to stick out her tongue.
my, my. how the tables have turned. 

baby girl in her fancy new jacket auntie steph bought her for christmas.  (i just noticed my CRAZY eyebrows. . .whoa.)

Jan 24, 2013

smooth criminal

so i'm walking down our cousin's driveway, it's a little icy so i'm wary.  i look up to see a truck coming down the road.

truck is now in front of driveway.

i slip.

somehow, i did the splits (which is not something i normally can do. EVER.) while still holding on to my bread.

i quickly stand up.  
i bow to the truck

i've been known to do cool things from time to time. 

to book a showing. . .please e-mail me at . . . 

forever young. or old.

(this is from the husband's facebook page i just needed a record)
We haven't met all of our new neighbors yet. So this morning as we are shoveling snow, our neighbor comes over to introduce himself. After shaking my hand he gestures toward Harmony (wearing a pink pompom hat and moon boots) and asks, "Is this your daughter?"

I tell him Harmony is my wife...awkward pause... He then asks how long we've been married. "Seven years."...awkward pause..."Well, it was nice meeting you!"

So, i guess either I look like a 52-year-old, or Harmony looks like she's 9.

Jan 23, 2013

i am not really a super competitive person

sure, i like to win but i also really don't mind losing

i have a sister who is very competitive.

the hannah

for instance. 
we were playing a game on the wii years ago and i so happened to have my name as ONE of the top ten scores

well...i come in the next day and not only is my name no longer on the list, but if you scrolled down Hannah's name was listed on ALL the top 25 spots!

she not only has to win...but she likes to annihilate you to make sure there was never any record EVER

maybe competive isn't the word.
she is slightly OCD... so maybe "perfectionist" is a good word



but anyways, tonight we were playing nerts/pounce and i was totally winning.hannah was totally convinced that I was in THE prime spot on the table.  so naturally we had to start moving around the table to make it "fair"

i don't like to gloat, but i totally DID.
i found myself doing little fist pumps all the time just to annoy her.

yes, yes, it's very mature.

but i won (by a lot) and now i feel complete.
someone had to teach the "slayer-of-all-hopes-and-dreams-in-your-heart-to-win" a lesson.

Jan 22, 2013


dear grams

i'm a little sad you never got to meet your little namesake... at least here on earth.

i miss you
happy birthday to you and tracey!

Jan 21, 2013

Got us some good snow.

the kona was dying to go play in the snow.  i mean...who could say "no" to these big browns? 

she's always wanting to push you down the hill

or be there when you biff it on the bunny hill at auntie mitsie's house

or be your own little side cheerleader.

the mama and auntie mitsie learned to ski on this hill
they always join in the fun!
usually standing and watching, but this year we got them to go down the hill!

whether it's going down the hill or getting warm inside,  the kona is always there. 

Jan 19, 2013

she's crafty!

feeling crafty lately.

i want to make the babe a mobile

but i seem to be lacking inspiration for her.  i made the one above for a friend but as for my little raptor....i'm just not sure what to make her. i mean she is a girl so i can't really make some dinosaur mobile with velociraptors 

i mean i could....perhaps this is why my mom says she's going to have nightmares


Jan 18, 2013

she may hate me in the future

buahahhaa...baby godzilla!

kona photobombing. the kona is a little jealous i suppose.  she seems to ignore the babe, until this is some skin showing, then the kona MUST lick her.  any tips on how to make this stop?

precious moments...only to find puke on her cheeks

love when she plays with dad

then promptly pukes on dad.
happens every.time. 
come to find out, the husband is somewhat of a puke-a-phobic.

Jan 17, 2013

good snow. good snow

now that it's snowed, i kind of feel like i missed christmas somewhere...
it just feel magical now.

snow days call for bear suits, warm hats, boots, leg warmers, scarves, snow plows

and vintage snow pants with vintage moon boots.

Jan 15, 2013

just a car in the front yard and 20 inches of white fluffiness

so around 11:30 pm somebody banged (not even knocked) on our door
apparently, they drove into our front lawn. (you might have already read this on facebook)
we've been told this happened in the past to the previous owners...needless to say, we were kind of excited to see it happen.  (i am also secretly hoping they hit the house...just so i can get a new kitchen.
of course...not while we are in the kitchen, but late at night would be nice right?)  pretty sure they trashed the car though, not only did they drive or fly over one of our large boulders, they pulled out their car OVER the boulder again.  and they wonder why the husband said they should call a professional.  oh, did i mention, these same fools hit a deer in this same car earlier?

i'll admit, we did just get a ton of snow and we do live on a curve.
so a fair warning to all our dear friends:
drive slow, bring moon boots, shovels and don't park in out front lawn please.

random note...
i couldn't bear to throw away my christmas tree
so i put it on the porch.
lovely tree.

Jan 14, 2013


i find my world changing
i mean, a baby surely changes everything
but i find that my loads of laundry have been infiltrated by...


don't get me wrong, i like pink every once in a great while, but in the world of baby girls, i feel like the pink ruffles and pink fluff is EVERYWHERE. 

it's not that i wish she is a boy or anything

but this... this...
is unacceptable.
i find my sweet little girl playing kissy face with the pink ballerina!

i may have brought this upon myself. 
see, the little raptor doesn't like binkies.  
i've tried all sorts and she promptly spits them out
being her mother, i know she is saying 

"fool, don't give me the fake stuff. i know where the goods are."

Jan 10, 2013

dear grams

i know, i know grams,
you were probably pointing that crooked finger all the way from heaven the whole time.
you know, making mochi is definitely an art that may or may not have been lost by yours truly.

for those of you non-asian people (which probably should include myself)  these two photos are good examples of how mochi should not look.


for many moons my family has pulled out the mochi maker (very asian i know) and every new year's day we made mochi.  this year we attempted it with derek's family.
usually, it's a whole family event, but somehow, carol, (somewhat) tom and i were left alone to create these beauties.  this is what happens when you don't work fast enough 
(don't worry extended family, i still love you.)

so grams, i do apologize, but remember, i am only half japanese.
i feel if i were a whole japanese, these would have turned out much different
did i mention that the husband's brother lives in japan?
his family is probably more asian than i'll ever get to be

*big sigh

yours truly,
harmony the half asian caucasian. 

too see successful mochi making.  view this post

Jan 9, 2013

We like our babies like we like our garbage bags.


2 month results are in!

Height - 25th percentile. 
Weight - 85th percentile. 
Head - 95th percentile.

baby buddha

baby girl is flexing at the dr. office
while showing off all her rolls, cellulite and thunder thighs
my friends, she is a whopping fourteen pounds
head's on the large side as well.
height?  well, she's on the small end of it. 
but it's okay, we love compact, solid babies. 

i'm starting her off young with the turquoise obsession, thanks to auntie annie

(yes, we've become on of those annoying mom blogs with millions of photos of babies, but i mean really)

Jan 6, 2013

christmas and new years

crazy what a new year brings!
two new babes last year (yes, mine likes to sleep with things on her head)

we must be getting old...can't keep up with all the fun 

happy new year!

oh honey, it's going to be so hard to tell her no

it has begun

Jan 4, 2013

a little bit of christmas.

includes crocheted viking hats 
(pattern bought on raverly. also, the dwarfish beard pattern was free!)

a thoughtful kona.

first christmas with the little raptor

or reindeers

hope you all had a wonderful christmas and new year!