Jan 15, 2013

just a car in the front yard and 20 inches of white fluffiness

so around 11:30 pm somebody banged (not even knocked) on our door
apparently, they drove into our front lawn. (you might have already read this on facebook)
we've been told this happened in the past to the previous owners...needless to say, we were kind of excited to see it happen.  (i am also secretly hoping they hit the house...just so i can get a new kitchen.
of course...not while we are in the kitchen, but late at night would be nice right?)  pretty sure they trashed the car though, not only did they drive or fly over one of our large boulders, they pulled out their car OVER the boulder again.  and they wonder why the husband said they should call a professional.  oh, did i mention, these same fools hit a deer in this same car earlier?

i'll admit, we did just get a ton of snow and we do live on a curve.
so a fair warning to all our dear friends:
drive slow, bring moon boots, shovels and don't park in out front lawn please.

random note...
i couldn't bear to throw away my christmas tree
so i put it on the porch.
lovely tree.

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