Jul 31, 2013


there are some rare days that the husband will come outside with me.  i bought him a hammock (double of course) for father's day, to try and lure him outside more.  because, you see, it can't be too hot, otherwise he just melts into a puddle. 

he liked the hammock, other than it wasn't quite hammock like, more like an upside down "a" when we sat in it, but we had to try it out!  

oh, the kona says "hey"

Jul 30, 2013

lions and tigers and bears!

i'm off to girls camp.  
it feels like it's been forever away and finally here. 
first time without that baby...ever.  she's in good hands.  

as you may notice, our theme this years is B.E.A.R.S.  (i'm not even sure what it stands for but i'm running with it.)  i found this bear photo while on pinterest (of course) here and it was free!  it's stake camp, so i basically got to plan the fun stuff, while the stake did everything else!

i love how our dreamcatchers came out...each one is different and unique.

i remember getting a camp tripod chair, which i still use, so i thought i'd continue the tradition for the girls.

hopefully,  the girls will humor me and wear these.

when they said the theme was bears.  they didn't know how i would explode with it.  everywhere.

wish me luck!

Jul 29, 2013


even though it doesn't look like it, we do finally, have our baby back.  it had been rough for two weeks or so.  she had a tooth that just popped in and i thought "well, that was easy."  tooth number 2 was not quite so easy.  it finally came up after 7 days of high temperatures, then she was just really cranky for the next week.  poor girl.

everyone's been asking if she is crawling yet...she didn't really do much for those two weeks.

so instead of our cranky baby, we now have an extremely frustrated baby.  she can crawl when she wants too, but just refuses too.

like this pen, she really wanted it, but despair took over.  curse that mickey pen. 

Jul 24, 2013

it's not always a pretty job.

i've decided that this whole stay-at-home-mom thing isn't bad at all.  i basically get to do what i want all. day. long.  well, except for when that baby of mine demands my attention.

like when she had a roaring fever for the past week.  those pesky teeth are troublesome for her.  nonetheless, she was a trooper.  three times a week (more or less) we make the journey down to the garden.  auntie mitsie meets us half way on the walk (again, more or less) so we all get a lovely stroll in.  

we decided to branch out and try growing some new things; brussel sprouts, artichoke, carrots, beets, and along with a new strain of weed i've never seen before.  i have this thing about my veggies.  
see, i love them.  
i've been eying this poster for some time.  i realized yesterday that is was needed.  

not only will it look fantastic on my wall, i will now be able to tell you exactly which type of avocado i will be using. such a wall of wisdom in my home. i'm pretty excited.  

the garden is doing fairly well, the weeds are kept somewhat at bay.  i enjoy walking barefoot and feeling the dirt between my toes and slaying the weeds with my fingers.   i also really like the fact that i can tan while weeding.  (there's always been this competition between the family to see who is the tannest.  auntie mitsie usually wins) the kona has a spot that she's tied to and she just sits and tries not to die in the heat.  oh, and like i said, it's not always a pretty job. 

Jul 18, 2013

thrifted Thursdays

the kona

it's true, she is still around, even if she is sorely neglected.  i realize some days that i don't think i even petted (proper wording?) the kona.  so if you need some loves, come and see the kona.

part three of "what did we didn't do this weekend?"

after hurrying home from the obon festival, farmer's market, delicious pizza, and cutting up four watermelon's for the mama, i still REALLY wanted to go to the Moulin Rouge sing-along at Good Company Theatre.  

i'm so glad we did, because as we were walking up the stairs to the theatre i saw this. 

isn't she lovely?  

you guys, this wasn't like any other movie i've been too.  we received a goodie bag (who doesn't love goodie bags!) filled with confetti, a giant diamond ring (diamonds are a girls best friend!) a bloody tissue (so sad) and poppers!  

we sang and we sang loud!  there was a one man can-can dancer (nick), confetti was thrown at the happy moments, poppers popped at the electric moments, feet were stomped, and there were swoons.  oh, there were swoons! it was a partaaay!  the acoustics were excellent and we even toasted with some absinthe!  

it. was. so. much. fun.

if we would have known it was okay to dress up...magical things would have happened.  don't be sad, Good Company Theatre will have another sing-a-long in two weeks!  

be sure to check out the rest of their shows in july!

this saturday is the one man show!

hope to see you all there!

Jul 17, 2013

random but favorite

this was when #ohniceandchubbybaby (check this hashtag on instagram) was very chubby.  lovely photo was taken by my dad

here is when the kona is still chubby.  she often sits on the deck and watches her kingdom

what did we didn't do this weekend? part two

after the farmer's market we decided to go see the obon festival in salt lake.

as you can tell, some of us were happy.  hannah was just upset because she didn't take a nap (seriously.)  we waited in the car for 20 minutes for it to stop pouring. 

luckily it dried up and we were able to get some sushi and get ready to watch the taiko drummers!

aiko loves to see her japanese heritage and eat the oranges, including the rinds.

you guys...i'm so excited!  i'm going to be learning how to do this in september!! 

Jul 16, 2013

what did we DIDN'T do this weekend? part one

i'll be the first to admit that i always plan way too much, especially when the husband is gone, even if it's just overnight. 

friday: obon dancing practice

little cousin laney came to practice too.  then we went for some ice cream at Farr's Ice Cream

next, we had a sleepover!  

as you can tell, laney girl slept very well. 

we woke up to a lovely thunderstorm and a downpour of rain.  we sat and talked listening and smelling the rain.  i had hoped we'd make to the farmer's market on 25th street, but it was raining way to hard.

luckily, the rain stopped!  off to the farmer's market we went!  

we didn't have time to walk through all the booths, but we were able to get laney a ride with the sheriff!

it's always fun to have some sister time

ogden has all these old pianos set out on the street.  so fun to listen and see them everywhere!  i really want to get a piano and do something like this to it.  it's been on my mind for a while now, i just need to do it. 

we decided to stop and get lunch at Lucky Slice Pizza on 25th. 

i mean, how awesome it this?

delicious pizza on top, while there was even more delicious bruschetta on the bottom (no cheese please) for me!  it really was as good as it looks.