Jul 9, 2013

Wild Flower Festival in Cedar Breaks

went down to cedar city this weekend.  southern utah is so beautiful.  you can have desert and then green forests thirty minutes away.  we wanted to hike flannigan's arch...but since the rock slides there are no easy access points.  it's quite sad, it's such a lovely hike, but we can't really take children down the steep cliffside.  so we went a little further up the canyon to Cedar Breaks.  

we have these crazy nephews...i forget what little boys are like

makes me wonder what the husband was like....

can you see all the flowers?!  it. was. breathtaking.  it only got better from the beginning

columbines...one of my favorite flowers. 


man, sometimes i do miss the red mountains of the south.

i don't know what these flowers are...which bothers me. a lot. i read a lot of books about flowers and herbs, so if you know what it is...please do tell.

the crew

i still just can't believe the flowers, they were everywhere!

such a pretty(cesspool-mosquito-filth-muggy) pond.  i do love nature, but i loathe mosquitos and basically anything that they can grow in.

i can't even tell you how many pictures of weird tree stumps we have like this.  the lovely bristlecone.  as we stood staring at it, the husband looked at me and said "no, it won't grow at our house."  i can't believe how he can read my mind sometimes!

the husband's favorite flower.  the indian paint brush.  (it doesn't even look like one to me, but i let him dream)

the husband has a love/hate relationship with our camera.  i like pictures he does too, but only not too many...

i've also been learning how to take pictures on other settings other than Auto...i already like it!

oh that baby. when she is an adult...she'll just die when she sees her photos.

until next time apline loop of cedar breaks.  until next time.

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