Jul 9, 2009

God Bless America and Southern Utah

This fourth of July weekend was extremely fun.
Hiking, Fireworks, Fabulous Family Fun.
This hike is in Zion's National Park, we decided to hike this one because Derek's Grandpa built a log cabin all because his dad wanted to keep him and his brothers out of trouble. It's called the Palmer Cabin.

Here's the crew, Uncle Roger, Carol, Gena, Tyler, Caleb, Logan, Derek, me, Joan, Hali and Hannah. Stephanie and Tom I think are taking the pictures.

There are many debates between all of us, Chaco vs. Keens vs. Teva, we will see who wins.

This is not the Palmer Cabin just one on the trail.

We love the Kolob area. I've noticed people from Southern Utah have a real attachment to their red Mountains. They are beautiful.

Brilliantly situated, I know.

Baby Tyler.

Now, I know what you are thinking, does she not look like a crazy Asian? She had been walking with her hat flipped up unbeknownst to her....funny Mama.

Caleb and us riding in the back of the truck. Note to all, do not do this in National Parks, they don't allow it.

Views of Kolob

I would have to say that the Chaco's won over.

Kannarraville Falls.

Derek and I love this hike. It's through the water, has shade, pretty slot canyons and water slides.

Steph, Hannah, Kone, Hali, Corbin, Derek, Brittany and Mama. Chris was taking the picture.

There's a couple sections where you have to climb up the log/metal ladders to get up the water fall. I swear, every time that there is a different material on the log. The metal ladder was already going to fall off.

Luckily, Hannah and Hali took many pictures for us. They didn't even drop their cameras in the water! (It's happened a couple times before)

The lighting was awesome!

These are the water slides. I'll put up some movies when I get them. But here is Hannah, apparently the right slide is extremely deep and she did a somersault underwater.

Here's Mama braving the cold water.

Kona is such a sport. She has a hard time climbing the log (obviously) so Derek (also a sport) has to carry her up. Sometimes when we leave her behind, (just for a minute) she starts this pathetic and ear piercing cry and tries to climb the ladder.

For those of you who don't know, Kannarraville Falls has now been fenced off, meaning you have to walk down the road an additional mile just to get to the trailhead. Also, don't tell anyone but we dogs are no longer allowed either. Shhhh. Don't tell, but we were not about to drive Kona all the back to Cedar just because they put up a sign.

Flannigans Arch

Hali walking pretty. This hike is always fun. There are two paths, one that you can view the arch and one that you climb up to the arch. We did the view one. Derek, Kona and I have done the climb up to the arch and our lives flashed in front of us many times. It was well worth it, once.

We decided to try and climb some walls. This resulted in two sprained ankles and anger.

It's funny to watch Derek and Kona hike. Derek is usually in the front and that is where Kona will be. Two buddies.

Big Boulders.

Apparently, I didn't get a picture of the arch uploaded. We'll have to try again. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that we got POURED ON. Ya know the flash flood warnings, well there were points I was worried. I've never been rained on so hard. We were completely soaked and we left the car windows down...Nice.

The fourth of July was the Palmer Reunion/my family was there too. It's funny how different we all are. Derek's family helped settle Cedar City, so they have many stories and journals from their ancestors. We had a presenation about Derek's Grandpa, the cabin and we each received a book about him with stories, songs, and pictures. At one point we all sang songs that their grandparents sang to them. (Which at an Oka reunion singing is not Possible)


  1. Wow! What a gorgeous place! I LOVE the red rock mountains, too -- Arches is one of my favorite places in the world!! You guys are brave with those hikes!!! How fun!

  2. Oh my gosh I love Southern Utah too! We should go sometime.

  3. Yay! I am still laughing about Kona crying over that log! Way funny! Harmony, I LOVE your GIMP leg in all of the pics! What a good sport. Ha ha! We never got a picture of our towerous ice cream though-next time!

  4. I LOVE Zion's-it is so pretty! Your blogs always make me laugh, I love them! And the water balloon one is hilarious! I would have done the same thing and chased the little rugrats. Haha. I'm so excited for next week! It starts at 7:30.

  5. harm, i've been wearing the same pair of chacos since 1998 (when they were only sold in colorado). they just barely got a split in the sole. they are resole-able, and have the toe loop. tevas are clearly lame, and too many lame-os wear the keens. so, the winner is chaco by a landslide. (and i've done some knarly hikes in my chacos including glacier ntl park, ray lakes loop of the john muir trail, and the grand canyon.)

  6. This was the perfect post for me. Those pictures were amazing and I had felt like going on a hike but now since your post was so detailed I feel as though I have already gone so it is out of my system. I did however forward a link to the national park service to have you arrested for bringing Kona with, and because I could tell Derek had been drinking in one of the pictures, both of which are against the park rules!!!

  7. Hey what is your email address so I can email you those pictures? That was so much fun yesterday! Thanks again for coming!!! My head is still buzzing :) We should definitely hang out again soon!