Dec 28, 2007

Fort Building at Gram Oka's

"The Beginning"
We've always built a fort at Gram Oka's on Christmas Day. The neighbors always plowed their snow on the corner of gram's lot since my mom was little. The forts have been made for two generations.
Hannah, Hali, Tracey and Harmony created this masterpiece, with connecting tunnels from Hali to Hannah. Harmony and Kona went through the tunnel first.
"OKA" Kanji
Drawn and Sprayed by Tracey
" The Inside"

Dec 4, 2007

Harmony's Latest

So I've been home a lot lately. I've painted almost my entire house and packed it up. I've also been baking bread, pumpkin rolls (they taste good and thats all that counts right?) and a cake. Today was my second day ever baking bread by myself....It actually turned out good! I'm going to miss Old Iron town, we had some beautiful sunsets. And it was nice to actually see the stars...all of them.