Jan 30, 2012

the kona whines, she is fed.

this is what the husband thinks the kona is. 
a soft, little ball of love.

this is really what the kona is. 
a six year old, frumpy princess, who can get anything out of the husband.

this is what the kona does, when i refuse to feed her, but the husband will. 
because, she's getting rather large. 

Jan 29, 2012

Tire games

Spent some time at Derek's cousins! They just bought a house (like 6 months ago) and we were just able to get together and hang out!  Little Lexi here showing us her Mater game.
Which was  SUPER HARD.

Jan 28, 2012

Random Times, but good times.

Kona and the husband zonked out on the floor the other night.
Sometimes, he just remind me of a little kid, who just loves his puppy!

It finally snowed!  So of course, we the sisters couldn't not sled at grams.
Mitsie as usual, blew up all our sleds!
Thanks Mits!

Jan 26, 2012

How much clothing could we wear?

hey, it's me, harmony.
just a typical weekend, trying on some of grams old clothing.
As many pieces as possible.

Jan 23, 2012


Have you guys played this Dicecapdes game?!
It's super fun. 
Yeah, we played it whilst out in Logan.

It's fun.

ps. my cousin made the card mat. 
Pretty cool huh?

Jan 15, 2012

Skating, Old School

Cedar City just got a new addition. 

A Skate Rink.
In the words of our nephew Logan.
"What is a roller skate?"

I shouldn't feel this old. 
No one should have to explain a roller skate to anyone.
It just isn't right I tell you. 

As you can tell we were all a little wobbly.

Tyler's armpits were a little tired...it looks rough. 

Yes, I have miniature feet. And lack the necessary skills to roller skate well with them. 
I put on the skates, literally, 5 seconds later I was flat on my back. 

Gena was showing off her mad skills.
She turned!
It was amazing. 

Logan and I were doing well. 

and then we weren't. 

Conquering the laces is sometimes tough. 

Apparnetly, Gena and Steve spent quite a bit of time as kids at the roller rink...derek too.

We made some New Year's Hats.
Which were basically princess hats.

We celebrated New Years at 10. 

Sadly, we didn't even stay up to midnight.
by we, I mean I.
Derek woke me up at midnight to kiss me.
Then i slept. 

Jan 13, 2012

Life according to his iPhone

New Year. 
Same us!

Hannah, Derek and i went for dinner in Salt Lake to see Dad, and we found ourselves with a little time. Derek is not in these photos because *sigh* he was activated that iPhone for me. 

We went to the Gateway in Salt lake.  Anthropologie is probably one of my favorite stores, though, I've never purchased anything there.   I was trying to create a sophisticated look here. Probably failed. Yup. but i really liked this chair...if i were a welder, so help me.

Ummm, is this not the coolest thing in the world?  After closer inspection to this $89 beauty, I saw that someone had basically super glued the crystals on. Just something to think about later.  Because I have crystals...that I could super glue on a bracelet. I just need to find a cheaper bracelet.

Urban Outfitters.
One of my next shops to look and never purchase. Their clearance section is awesome and very messy.

Anthropologie sells the same owl I do on ETSY!
I'm going to have to try this out.

Gearing up for a great year with hopefully lots of changes!

Jan 9, 2012

Dear Friends

It's finally happened.
I've lost my phone so many times it's ridiculous, but I could always find it.
Now, I think it's officially gone.
Or it's been over a week and it didn't pop up.
I realized it might be the end so then I went to get a new phone.
Does anyone else think it is absolutely insane how expensive phone and phone plans are?
The non-Touch screen phones are cheap, while the "easy-to-use" are not cheap at all.
I say world, what is happening.

So, I am terribly sad to say, (because it goes against everything I stand for and fight against.) ...

I now own an iPhone. 

Mind you, it is my husband's old one and since we didn't buy a new phone I don't have to start a new contract. So if that little orange phone of mine ever shows up again...

(hanging my head in shame)
Let the geeking begin.
No offense to you all out in the world...but almost my entire family owns one...i just wanted to be different. sigh.

Aunti Mitsie

inspired by this.
Pinned from here.
happy heart.