Jan 9, 2012

Dear Friends

It's finally happened.
I've lost my phone so many times it's ridiculous, but I could always find it.
Now, I think it's officially gone.
Or it's been over a week and it didn't pop up.
I realized it might be the end so then I went to get a new phone.
Does anyone else think it is absolutely insane how expensive phone and phone plans are?
The non-Touch screen phones are cheap, while the "easy-to-use" are not cheap at all.
I say world, what is happening.

So, I am terribly sad to say, (because it goes against everything I stand for and fight against.) ...

I now own an iPhone. 

Mind you, it is my husband's old one and since we didn't buy a new phone I don't have to start a new contract. So if that little orange phone of mine ever shows up again...

(hanging my head in shame)
Let the geeking begin.
No offense to you all out in the world...but almost my entire family owns one...i just wanted to be different. sigh.

1 comment:

  1. hahah you sound like me. One time I even ran mine over on the motorcycle. It must have fallen out and I ran it over. One time I was mad (maybe I shouldn't tell you this story...it was when I was on clomid so that should explain things :0) at Ryan and I threw the phone into the other room after talking to him and it didn't make it to the other room...it hit the half open door and busted in half heheh I'm crazy! I wonder where your little orange phone went?