Nov 21, 2012

our yearly smith and edwards visit

for some reason i didn't get a picture of the sign 
but you can see that here.
the husband's parents came up for the weekend 
and what does one do?

take them to smith and edwards
well, we also drove by the ogden temple and the Brigham temple
but the main purpose was to go to the ole smithy store

there is much to see and not really do there
just go and see.
like this fab horn chair that could probably gore an adult
nonetheless i braved the danger and sat in it.

oh, if you are wondering who's polish dog with saukerkraut that is...
it's mine, i know, only your grandma ate that stuff.

oh and second note, i love my moby
even though it looks slightly strange.

Nov 20, 2012

Kona needs some serious lovin

i feel that i should post about the kona
she's been quite sad lately

i've been trying to include her more
but she still seems pretty pathetic sometimes.

like i come out of the shower and she's sitting against the bathtub
just hanging out

giving me those big browns

welcome to the club

i feel like she is planning something here...which apparently she was, just biding her time, for just the right moment.

like taking a nap with her dad.  
apparently, baby does not like chinese food. 
(from Golden Jade on Harrison...i am a chinese food snob people.  it was pretty dang good.)
she puked out her entire guts

i was just commenting how excited i was to finally have one of those cute dad's-napping-with-the-baby-picture, then suddenly "help, puking everywhere!" (don't worry, it was in the husband's ever monotone voice, i added the "!")

husband continues lamenting while i'm laughing 
"i'm trying to save your couch!"

well apparently the puke an down both armpits and luckily he had a burp cloth on.
welcome to the club husband.
oh, and yes, that is Aiko's onesie hanging on the faucet...seems like there is ALWAYS something of hers drying somewhere in the house.  if it isn't one end it's the other

Nov 19, 2012

i dont even like twinkies

neither does the husband.
but because we know we'll never have them again...
we bought a bunch.

or well, we had mitsie buy some from the hostess factory.
the husband was on a mission.
he went to three different stores to find twinkies only to find empty shelves.
good thing the factory was close

otherwise the kona never could have gotten this picture

Nov 18, 2012


so this is partly why we named her Esther
my gram and her make a lot of the same faces

plus they have the same "hana"
which is nose in japanese

i can just imagine gram saying 
"she has my hana."

yes she does gram
miss you grams.

Nov 17, 2012

Banana peanut butter muffins

of course, i found this recipe on pinterest
which i altered a little..not much
and then turned into giant texan muffins

they were pretty delicious
but you couldn't eat too many at once
that whole wheat flour is pretty serious stuff.

oh, i had just enough batter for one muffin, 
so i decided to try it as a waffle.

pretty good my friends.
pretty good. 

recipe pinned here.

Nov 15, 2012

so i follow a cat on instagram.

so my friend alicia, remember her from here?
well, she also works for Kaffe Mercantile
baby and i decided to go for a little trip.

we had a delicious herbal tea
peach and ginger
then we had a ginger cranberry cookie

and had a lovely time just hanging out.
alicia knows ogden pretty well

oh, about the title...yeah...
so alicia says "so i follow this cat on instagram."
weirdest thing right?
but after i saw this...

colonel meow 

i now know why.
and now i do too.

Nov 8, 2012

motherly advice . . . harmony style

this post may or may not relate to boobs, mainly, because i have some profound thoughts as being a newfound food source for my raptor baby here.  
(i swear she has teeth hidden in there somewhere)

my vast knowledge learnt in the past 2.5 weeks

engorgement is not mastitis (thank goodness, but that doesn't mean it's fun.)
babies can shoot their poop approximately four feet, horizontally that is.
it is possible to have to wash your sheets three days in a row.  why? because babies puke and pee and mama's...leak.
according to the doctor, we shouldn't take the baby out until april.  APRIL.  henceforth, i shall known as "hermit harmony"
carrying a baby carseat is near impossible, i just won't/can't do it.
my MOBY is our new best friend.
new mamas need lots of naps to avoid complete heart breaking emotional outbursts
not all bras are created equal, not even close.  but more to come on that later.
breastfeeding is tough at first, give your baby affectionate names like : vampiress, raptor baby, greedy little thing.  (she's sleeping at the current moment, so she's baby cakes right now)
avoid asking new mama's what they did for that day. . . because really, having a child attached to you for 8 hours a day is a full time job.
real men wear MOBY's

oh, just so you know. 
she is favorite.

Nov 4, 2012

good company theatre

good buddy alicia just opened a new theater in historic downtown ogden.
it's a lovely place.
i'm super excited to go see the shows!

alicia and i have been friends since the early nineties 
(which makes me feel and sound super old right!?)
she and i would wear red bandanas whilst running amuck on the soccer fields.
aww, the good old soccer days. 
how we both miss you.
we are both kindred spirits through knee surgeries
both wish we could play again, both realizing we shouldn't.

love this lady.  
she's always bettering the world.