Sep 25, 2016

Wall Paper recap

Photos are kind of in order, from September until Jan/Feb we worked on removing just wallpaper. 

Front Living Room.

Wallpaper covering the ceilings, curves and all the walls. 

The wool, blue carpet was quite lush. 

Realities of remodeling with tiny children. 

It's always a danger zone. 

Details of the wallpaper on the ceiling in the coved area. 

My favorite wallpaper that we discovered in the entry. There were MANY layers hiding here. 

I think this was the day we bought the house...since that darn giant blue couch is still in this room. 

I hated this pink fireplace...all it does is blow out AC air now. 

We thought we'd get lucky and this family room didn't need to have any wallpaper removed. Wrong. Come to find's white wallpaper. But luckily, it was only one layer deep. Yes, it was also on the ceiling. 

After two solid months, the wallpaper was finally all gone. Really, there wasn't too much damage on the walls. A few cracks and a moldy spot, but nothing we couldn't fix. 

I can't remember how pregnant I was here, but I remember falling asleep with the babies on this mattress in the master room while everyone else was working. Moving and remodeling is hard.