Jan 19, 2008

New Year

It's a new year. and you know it's funny because this year we really did have to start over. We finally got new jobs! (Hallelujah) Derek works from home doing web design and his boss' name is Chuck, for some reason I think it is a fun name. I work at Overland Construction where I estimate. We both like our new jobs. But we'll see in 8 months what happens.....
We've also been spending much time, when I say that I mean Derek has been looking at houses non stop since we got here. It's nice to be able to look at lots of different houses instead of like 2.
We've been tiling my mom's bathrooms. We did this design today that was tricky (for us), but it turned okay, hopefully.
Kona was lost yesterday, because Derek couldn't find her outside anywhere, and left for work. So about 10:00 some girls called me saying they had my dog. It's a good thing we just barely made her a tag.....
Hope all you are doing well!