Jun 29, 2008

Mike Molyneux Birthday Extravaganza

So this weekend we went up to Porcupine Reservoir for Mike's birthday. Sadly, we didn't get any pictures. But we went cliff jumping, Mike, Hannah, and Derek jumped off the really high spots, while I started and ended on the shorter ends. Kona was very worried about everyone there. About 50 other people were there and funny enough for another birthday party. Every time someone jumped Kona had to run down jump in the water and swim out to the person, she got really tired by the end with 50 people jumped all at once... It's a nice place, Hannah of course tipped over in the kayak and broke her fishing pole...and I swear I had a bunch of bites while I was trolling across the lake in the kayak. That's all folks!

Jun 15, 2008

High Ho Uintah Mountains

Derek, Caleb, Melinda, Baby Corbin and I just spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Uintah Mountains. Very pretty, we were at the Lower Provo Campsite. For all of those people telling us it was cold, they were very wrong!! We had Siesta's because it was so hot, hot enough everyone is either sunburned or a very nice brown color, mostly sunburned. But go up the mountains for about 10 minutes and there is SNOW everywhere. How it could be 90 degrees and then have snow further up the mountains just baffles me! All of the lakes were frozen, no fishing for us.
So we spent most of our time playing cards, making S'mores, eating lots of trail mix and jerky, hiking to extremely muddy meadows, (NO Mosquitos!!!) and sunbathing.
We saw a moose, lots of deer, and I saw an elk on the way home. We made the mistake of putting Kona in the back, so when she saw the large animals she would bark at them, so they ran away.
Little Corbin spent his time falling over roots, chasing Kona's tail, hugging Kona, and dropping bananas. Kona spent all her time chasing random animals, trying to eat Corbin's food, running around, now she has been dead asleep since we got home.
On Saturday, we realized our 3 day pass expired on Saturday at 2 pm, so we packed it up and went fishing by Kamas. Kona and Corbin spent their time in the water, much to Caleb's dismay. We didn't catch anything, so we'll be going to the Fish Farm sometime. . .
"Harmony showed Corbin how the trees smelled sweet, like butterscotch. I don't know if he ever really caught on to what was happening, but he sure did look proud after he sniffed the tree, just like his pal, "Hmoney."" Quotes & Pictures Stolen from the Miller Website"It took awhile for him and Kona to learn that they weren't allowed to eat each other's food. But once he realized that he could feed her her food, he loved putting things into her mouth. He thought it was awesome." Quotes & Pictures Stolen from the Miller Website
""Hugs" - really Kona was trying desperately to take a nap, but some annoying kid kept laying on her, wonder who that could be?" Quotes & Pictures Stolen from the Miller Website
"And lucky for us the Walkers brought Kona along, and Corbin loved that poor dog. I say poor dog because he wouldn't leave her alone, he was constantly poking or pulling at some part of her. She made an excellent babysitter, as he followed her around for hours at a time. Luckily she was really nice and let him hover as much as he wanted." Quotes & Pictures Stolen from the Miller Website

Thanks to Dad, getting our trailer ready!!

Jun 11, 2008


BEHOLD!! Our Fishing crop!! So Hali and I went fishing to Echo and caught absolutely nothing for 4 hours.........Then we decided to go to the Ogden Fishing Farm. (to all the cousins, yes we should take the babies and go, such memories are there!!) Last time I went there I was 6. But basically they give you a bucket, some sticks with string and hook attached. You throw some bait on the water and here they come!! WE CAUGHT THE BIGGEST FISH! Yes, i know we are amazing fisherwomen. Hali caught a big fish but then the string came off the stick and so you could see this huge Fish with a yellow string trailing behind it in the water!! Derek didn't to go, but after seeing our amazing catch, he'll be sure to go next time!!! YEs!! We're going camping this weekend in the Uintah mountains with Caleb and Melinda...