Apr 24, 2018

Fetus #4

Bird Reserve with Cahoon's

Our friend's the Cahoons have been teaching us (mainly me) how to use our big camera to take photos...that are not on Auto. 

Basically, Tyler sets put he camera and shows me how all the different buttons work. 

I'll admit, it's changed my camera life. 

It's been so much more fun taking photos of the kids in their natural, not posed ways. 

I think Aiko looks like Snow White in this photo. 

Baby V is really good at scowling. 

Aiko happened to sit along the ground and somehow got a sticker in her underwear. Since she was wearing a romper, we had to strip her down to get the sticker out. 

The kids call this the Shrek house. It's in the middle of the swampy bird reserve. They love climbing up and up!

Thanks to Tyler for teaching me some tricks! 

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