I've decided to combine the two websites...the upkeep was just too much! So I've copied all my posts from my other blog below, but will continue to blog the craftiness of my heart on the main page! 

How did I choose Membil?

I'd like to say that I was deep in a blissful slumber, dreaming about dancing hippos, but no. Nope.  The husband being the graphic designer he is, knows all these websites where you can generate words.  As we were generating words, we came across "Membil." 

Which after I saw it, I knew that was it. 
I liked the way it rolled on my tongue. Liked the way it look on paper.  I could also seeing myself having it printed on little tags of scarfs I made. 

So there you have it.  Soon, Membil will cover the world. 
These are just some examples of old project I have done. 

this pretty much sums up my life.

this heating pad and little ceramic birdie 
could be yours!  
filled with flaxseed and lavender


Record Bowl. In record time!

Ga- Ga- ga- ha.

I've seen these on Pinterest and in a couple different news broadcasts.
I finally decided to try it. 
I went to the local thrift shop and got 3 records for $1.00

I found a couple different size metal bowls, turned the oven around 350, centered the record on the bowl placed in the oven and waited.
Not very long I might add.

All of a sudden I had some pretty sweet bowls! 
We had My Fair Lady, Camelot, Saturday's Warrior (I melted one a little too much), the Sound of Music!  All the perfect songs!
Now, they hold keys, phones and whatever else will fit in them.

*Note, if you wait too long...they will melt and stink.

Fort Kit for Christmas

 Who doesn't love a good fort? But who hates ripping off sheets and blankets from all the beds? Then, having to put them back ON?

 Fort Nelson consists of:
3 thrifted sheets with ties sewn on
clothes pins
3 flashlights
glow sticks
suction cups for those hard to hold window areas
bungee cords

My little sister, Hali, happened to be there when the nephews opened it. Immediately, she and my nephews ran downstairs to play. Afterwards, Hali asked when she was getting one. 
She is almost 21.
Saw this here on Pinterest

Magnetic Scrabble Board. DIY

My sister Hannah is super smart.
She loves Scrabble.
Too many words in her mind. 

I found this idea on Pinterest...of course!

Obviously, someone needs to use an Official Scrabble Dictionary.
I remember even thinking while taking the photo..."wouldn't it be funny if I spelled it wrong, ha, good thing I've double checked the spelling." Yet, still got it wrong. 

Things you'll need to create along with some approximate pricing.

Scrabble Game : Free from lady at work or $10 at Walmart.
Magnets with sticky back : Free because I am a crafting hoarder.
Scissors to cut magnet.
Large Frame with super ugly photo in it :  $5.00 Thrifted.
Metal Board : For some reason, I couldn't find this anywhere in the craft shops. I even had my 40% off coupons...yet I improvised. Came to me one oil pan.  So, I bought one from Walmart for $10.  But it's so big, I can get another large magnet board out of it. (I have something super in mind.)
Tin Snips : for the oil pan/or this is completely unnecessary if you find the right board initially.
Official Scrabble Dictionary : I bought mine on for $4.00
Paper to cover the Official Scrabble Dictionary and a sewing machine.
Craft paint to antique : Already had
Metal Letter Stamps : I got these from $15 for another project...but had a brilliant plan mid making.
a Hammer : Already had.
Water and Paintbrush : Already had.
About $29.00 to make if you don't include my metal stamps.

Took me about and hour to make.

Cut the sticky magnets into strips and apply to all the letters.
We took out the ugly print in the frame and traced it on the oil pan.
Then, we took the tin snips and chopped it out!
Watch out, this is super sharp metal edges.
We then placed the cut oil pan into the frame and put the ugly print flipped backwards back in the frame.

I wanted to antique frame, plus it already had some pretty good I took my letter metal stamps and stamped the wood.  After, I went over the entire frame with some water downed craft paint and wiped it off  after it bled in the wood. I tested it first on the back to make sure it would still kind of look like letters.

Which is did! 

A true Scrabble player would never play with out the trusty Dictionary.  I didn't care for the cover, so I decided to make my own.  I found some paper strips and material and sewed it right onto the original cover.  I loved how retro it looks.

i love how the antique look is actually letters, so unless someone is paying particular attention, they would never notice!

I put on a tag and Viola!

Hope you had a jolly Christmas!

Pinned here

Tea, Wreath, Pinecone, 20 minutes and Santa

This wreath had definitely seen better days. . .

Little smooshed with a little red bow... outdated.

So I searched my house for something to spruce it up.
Like some vintage ribbon lying about.

Found a doily from my gram in Iowa.

Took off the bashed pinecones, added some pinecones from my fallen Christmas tree, 
(see here)

flipped it around and glued it back in.

Found a Santa in my ornament box. 
(You know how the neighbors always give you little gifts...and you don't know what to do WITH THEM? This was one of them.) 

I found some crocheted snowflakes that we were given last year. 
Which I really liked....

but they were a little too white. 
I really wanted an antiqued color.

So I put the snowflakes in some Celestial Ginger Snap Tea.
(You know it had a orange clearance sticker from Smith's)
Gave them a nice color along with a super delish smell!

Up - cycled some old cranberry strands.

20 minutes later.
I had quite a lovely new wreath.

What do you think?

I really love the Santa Claus Ornament, oh and the snowflakes...really, I just love it. 

(You know this chair is thrifted)

Christmas is almost here...
are you ready?

I have so many projects that I want to post...but see,  they are people's Christmas gifts...can't ruin my surprise!

Peanuts + Mario = WORLD DOMINATION

Found these awesome sheets at a local thrifty shop.
From 1988! 

See, 26 years ago, my little-big-brother was born. 
He loves Nintendo, 
we all did, still do.

$3.00 - per AWESOME sheet.
$5.00 - colored sheet from Walmart, because after hitting up all the thrift shops in town and not finding the right color, and still wasn't the right color I wanted...C'est la vie.
Yarn - gifted from my Grandma in Iowa.
$12.00 - per quilt batting, after using $40 off and JoAnn's.
Bias - gifted from Gram's in Utah.

Time to quilt with Carol P.
3 hours and done!

Happy Birthday Brother!

It's the little things, TOTALLY.

My aunt had an old dresser, that apparently, my great something had used. 
Derek really liked it. 
Of course, my thought was to paint it, but after seeing the hand made everything with wood parts, I knew I probably shouldn't.  But see, the handles really bothered me. 

Goldy brass handles.

Like I said, it's the little things that can either make you hate it or love it. 
Hated it. 

But then, my friend Holly wanted to go to Hobby Lobby.
Then I found these.

Sadly, they only had 4 total.  
But they were 50% off.
I needed 12.

The Husband had the idea that they should all be different. 

I love it. 

When we first put them on, I just sat and stared at it. 
It. was. a. master. piece.  
(make sure to give the appropriate pause between master and piece)

The little things people.
The little things.

Idea pinned and stemmed from here

Olive's Blanket but Mustard

I knew I was going to make this as soon as I saw it. 

I also knew that mustard was going to be a main color.
Mainly, because I heart Mustard and a good friend, namely Natalie, had a wonderful gram that was giving up some yarn. 

By some, I mean, a LOT of yarn.  Luckily...I was able to snag some.  Again, by some, I mean 4 boxes full, and I felt bad about taking that much, but I barely dented it.
Now, what to do with it?

Dottie Angel has a pattern here!


A couple years ago, my grannie from Iowa gave me crochet magazine from 1980-1991ish.  I've found soooooo many cute patterns.  They make awesome baby gifts!  (also, many of my crochet projects are done in the car, so the pictures probably won't always be great)

I also go to and (see my board here) for other crochet inspirations.

hippy blanket

i was showing my friend Holli the one and only hand-stiched quilt i'll probably ever make 
her thoughts
"this totally reminds me of a hippie"
so there you have it. 

Mid Mod Quilt Pattern by Amy Butler
Amy Butler has free patterns on her website here.
She has beautiful patterns and designs, which I couldn't use.
They are a little pricey for thrifty me.  

Meet the twins

Thrifted for $25.00 total.
Totally had to talk them down.

Painted twin #1, but not sure I like the color still.
I may have to come back to him.

Have I told how obsessive I am about Mustard?

can't wait for the day

I came across this picture the other day. 
I had made these invitation for a good friend Stacie, mind you, this was before they had cricuits (which I'd really like, but worried about the masses of paper I would create.)  I don't do a lot of cards, but I had a few days to kill, so I cut............and cut.   Ü

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