Hello there.

one day, the husband asked me if i knew what entropy was.  
i didn't. 
"all things leading towards chaos." 
apparently, that is what he thinks i am. 

i'm okay with that. 

it's true. sometimes i try on focus on one thing longer than 30 minutes, but then i'm off to a new adventure. i like to do a little of everything and anything.

i, harmony, am the keeper of the blog

i like to stir the pot, every and any direction. so i blog about everything and anything.  i've got to keep the husband on his toes.

this is the husband. 
the husband is very level headed, freckles and all.
while harmony, is not.  sometimes we call him derek, but the husband works out better.

in rocktober, we added baby aiko to our happy family. 

(follow it on instagram)

together we make up this little blog. 

glad you could join us!

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