Feb 25, 2011

Beautiful Beastie

Got up early this morning.
Mainly, to exercise, but instead I finished my nails.
But of course I put in a Disney Movie, a prince movie nonetheless.
So girly sometimes, it's weird.
But pretty sure I will take any child with a Disney Trivia Smack-down. 
As long as I have my trusty siblings to be on my team that is.
Which reminds me.  
I wanted to watch Disney's Hercules last night.





Pretty sure I purchased it from the Deseret Industries.
Thinking, Thinking....Thought.
Hannah doesn't have a VCR 
(kids ask you parents to show what this is)
Called her up, yelled at her to bring it back.
The nerve.
All in good jest mind you.
BUT, because I had to watch Beauty and the Beast instead of "Hunkulese" (who says that in the movie quick?)
I was almost brought to tears.
Isn't is nice that Beast saves Belle from the pack of ravenous wolves who lick their lips?
Sigh, yes, I almost broke down.
After big gulps and deep breaths, I almost succombed to tears once again, after Beast yells at Belle while cleaning his wound.
I say, world, is there nothing more tender?
And that my friends is why being a girl sucks.
(I don't particularly like the word "sucks" but it fits)
It's a good thing the Husband wasn't there to laugh at me instead of tenderly embrace in this time of sorrow. 
The Kona didn't even comfort me.

Disney Nerd Out.

Feb 24, 2011

Kona's Competition

Meet Sammy.
Yes, she is pretty dang cute.
Coos, smiles and everything.
Watch out The Kona.
This baby might just surpass you in ADORABLENESS.

Feb 22, 2011


I see...

Gummi Bears, some Animal Crackers....Camarron's Hand....

oh, and The Kona....


Feb 20, 2011

Lame Winter

And I quote..."Winter has been so lame this year"
It's been Spring here...Not 2 days after I said that, we got this....

And then again, we got this.
<3 it.

Much better don't you think?

Feb 15, 2011

Built in Eyebrows

Just coming back from lunch, 
riding in the car, 
the sun was glaring.
Husband noticed me squinting.
Says "Honey, I don't need to use my visor." 
"Okay,"  says I.
"Because i have my own eyebrow ones. See." 
(whilst furrowing his brows and showing me how his eyebrow visors work.)
Which causes me to raise my eyebrows.

Some people write cute stories about their cute 3 year olds, while I write them about my almost 30 year old husband.

Got to <3 him.

Feb 12, 2011


I <3 a Funnies

Like this "Don't let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya."

Yes, I am still chuckling. 

Feb 10, 2011

Dress Up Doll and 3 Flippity Flop Feet

The Kona will do anything for a treat.
And we will make her do anything for a treat.

Feb 9, 2011

Big Plans

I had some big plans last night, everybody had meetings, which meant no distractions for Harmony.
6:30 I sit down at the computer, pull up my homework and read the first paragraph.
6:31 Husband comes down and proceeds to become a nerd.  At work his buddies found the new Google Translate. Derek would speak words of German, let his iPhone translate it and laugh. 
6:48 Husband is still translating, and laughing.
6:55 I snap a picture of him, he doesn't like it. End up wrestling for the beloved iPhone.
6:57 I am now on the floor next to the Kona.

8:45 I am still on the floor, no homework even looked at since 6:30, just dreaming away.
7:00 AM I am now up, still no homework down, but rejuvenated.

Feb 4, 2011

I don't know why, but yes, we got this cart for this purpose.

And this purpose only.
Why American's are labeled

Feb 1, 2011

Bad Picture, Good Food

My Asianess is really thriving right now.
We went up to my Half Asian/Caucasian Familia's house.
They can makes some serious Sushi Rolls.