Feb 9, 2011

Big Plans

I had some big plans last night, everybody had meetings, which meant no distractions for Harmony.
6:30 I sit down at the computer, pull up my homework and read the first paragraph.
6:31 Husband comes down and proceeds to become a nerd.  At work his buddies found the new Google Translate. Derek would speak words of German, let his iPhone translate it and laugh. 
6:48 Husband is still translating, and laughing.
6:55 I snap a picture of him, he doesn't like it. End up wrestling for the beloved iPhone.
6:57 I am now on the floor next to the Kona.

8:45 I am still on the floor, no homework even looked at since 6:30, just dreaming away.
7:00 AM I am now up, still no homework down, but rejuvenated.

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