Feb 25, 2011

Beautiful Beastie

Got up early this morning.
Mainly, to exercise, but instead I finished my nails.
But of course I put in a Disney Movie, a prince movie nonetheless.
So girly sometimes, it's weird.
But pretty sure I will take any child with a Disney Trivia Smack-down. 
As long as I have my trusty siblings to be on my team that is.
Which reminds me.  
I wanted to watch Disney's Hercules last night.





Pretty sure I purchased it from the Deseret Industries.
Thinking, Thinking....Thought.
Hannah doesn't have a VCR 
(kids ask you parents to show what this is)
Called her up, yelled at her to bring it back.
The nerve.
All in good jest mind you.
BUT, because I had to watch Beauty and the Beast instead of "Hunkulese" (who says that in the movie quick?)
I was almost brought to tears.
Isn't is nice that Beast saves Belle from the pack of ravenous wolves who lick their lips?
Sigh, yes, I almost broke down.
After big gulps and deep breaths, I almost succombed to tears once again, after Beast yells at Belle while cleaning his wound.
I say, world, is there nothing more tender?
And that my friends is why being a girl sucks.
(I don't particularly like the word "sucks" but it fits)
It's a good thing the Husband wasn't there to laugh at me instead of tenderly embrace in this time of sorrow. 
The Kona didn't even comfort me.

Disney Nerd Out.


  1. I totally kick butt at disney's scene it. i used to have a vcr so i'm guessing our copy of Hercules is at hal and janet's, you could always borrow theirs. and i think it was meg that calls him hunkulese...i think. it's been awhile.