Jun 6, 2015

Eagle Ridge Ranch

So, my siblings and I like to think that we are fisherman. We all love to fish, but rarely do we catch a fish. My three siblings had been fishing the night before, with nothing to bring home. Then, we went to a place where giant rainbow trout live and where fishing is illegal. I tell you what, it almost broke them.

So, Hali found this place that had it all. You paid $25 (for the whole fam) to go fishing on their recently stocked lake, included all the fishing poles, boats and life jackets.  Plus they have horse rides, a rope swing and a bunch of other activities. It's a good thing thing we found this place, because an all out war was about to happen. Hali all about skipped down the hill with her fishing pole with so much excitement.

Once everyone started fishing and playing in the water, all was happy. 

This place was really cool. While it was muddy, and we maybe have gotten Mama's car stuck, it was pretty peaceful.

Here I was trying to take a picturesque photo and I get this.

Little stinker could have cared less about being on the water, she just wanted to be in the boat.

When it was time to leave, we somehow got lucky to be in the car when they rounded up all the horses.

Aiko about fell over with how cool it was...or maybe me.

They were coming on all sides and then this little guy just meanders by.

 Two fish were caught, which, you had to pay an additional $5 per fish, but the siblings were happy.

Jun 5, 2015

Day at the Park

This park is always empty!

Swings, Basketball hoops and a toddler playground. 

It may be missing parts here and there, but Aiko doesn't mind.

Jun 4, 2015

Island Park Cabin

This cabin was pretty cool. I couldn't even get a good picture of it...so you'll have to imagine.

One of the days it snowed there...luckily, I had packed the kids some snow clothes, but for some reason not for the husband and I. Aiko's awesome snow suit is actually brother's that I thrifted.  Good thing they are the same size. I know you are dying to recreate my outfit. I'll admit, I was super excited for this trip mainly so I could wear PLAID, and a button up shirt and my thrifted and vintage vest. I mean, it all came together perfectly.

Then of course, Auntie Hali has to go and decide to make a snowman. It's been years since I made one, so we went big. We were hoping to draw in some deer with our carrots, but never saw any. The snowman didn't even last a day. He was melted by the time we got home from fishing.

I'm not a huge fan of pine EVERYTHING.  But, it is okay in a cabin right?

The crew, minus brother...I'm not sure where he is.

If you know Auntie Hali, you know that she always has a few things in her car, including a hammock, fishing pole and swim suit. This crazy sister of mine is always going somewhere new.

Which, Aiko loves her Auntie Hali for her hammock.

On a whim, I decided to pack our hammock. Which, turned out to be awesome!  We hung up both hammocks inside when it was too cold and snowy outside. Brother slept like a baby the whole time.

I didn't go through and edit these videos, so I'm not sure what's even on them....

The loft area was a favorite. Especially after finding out that one can twist the logs. Brother thought he was so awesome.

Island park was beautiful. Thanks Mama for the fun!

Aiko takes the phone.

While at Old Faithful, I let Aiko take my phone to take "peekuturs."

I love her little perspective.

This might be her first selfie ever.