Jun 2, 2015

Yellowstone with the Fam

A few weeks ago, we took a trip with the family up to Yellowstone. We didn't get to the cabin until super late, so the coolest thing we found was the mini recliner.
 The cabin was super cool, it was all the furnishing and everything you'd want! Including this semi weird drawing. The more you look at it...the more it starts to creep me out.

The last time the husband and I went to Yellowstone, we didn't see a single bison. We just saw one elk. That was it. So I said, we are getting out and we are taking photos here, just in case we don't see another buffalo. In the end, we saw tons and tons. 

We woke up early the next morning to head up to Yellowstone. We finally some saw bison, plus their babies. Aiko and Orion were especially excited to see them.  
They could just sit there and watch and watch.

Aiko's pretending to be a baby buffalo.

The kids generally travel pretty well.  Luckily, they both LOVE reading books.

Apparently, Old Faithful is not quite a faithful. At one point, a whole bus of Asians were waiting for her to blow, and their tour guide told them it was time to leave. I kind of felt bad for all of them, they traveled half way around the word to see Old Faithful only to not see it. Suddenly, she started to spout and All the ASIANS came running back.  Haha, the tour guide lost all control then.

Keeping it real, parenting wise. I love that having kids slows us down. I mean, we can now tell our children," I changed your butt right here in front of Old Faithful. "

I kind of can't get enough of these two. They are both SOOO crazy but so fun. Aiko's quite the little miss bossy and independent. Orion is just the sweetest, head butting baby around.

Also, I have a thing for rocks and pretty water, even if it's smelly.

This husband of mine. I can't tell who likes him more, Aiko or me!

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