Oct 20, 2014

Portland Coast // Day 2 // Sea Lion Caves // Mile Marker 179.3

One of the most touristy things on the Oregon Coast and I felt the NEED to check it off my list.

There is this cave where the sea lions go and one can pay to watch them.  You take an elevator down in the side of a cliff to get to the cave.

Which, we went the wrong time of the year, because there were no sea lions, not a single one.  Well, there were fake ones and a skeleton of one.  Nonetheless, we paid the $17 per person to go down to the cave.

When will we ever be able to ride an elevator into a sea lion cave area? 

Never.  Besides, we saw a whale.

We went on a super cool hike.

Plus, we got to look out the original entrance to the cave.  It's worth going down if you ask me.  It was beautiful.  They have this old picture of how they used to climb hundreds of wooden stairs down into the caves.  It looked amazing.

Portland Coast // Day 2 // Sand Dunes, Beaches and Little Sambo

Did you know Oregon had sand dunes?  A lot of them?

Also, Lincoln City has a Lil Sambo's Restaurant.  Had we not just eaten our complimentary breakfast at our hotel (the traveling must for the husband.), we probably would have eaten there.  

We literally had to stop and turn around to get a photo of it.

I think this is somewhere around mile marker 129, but I could be wrong.  I believe this is also the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in the distance.

Bridge designed by McCullough.

I probably should have written down our every spot.  It's been so long I can't remember anymore.

Oct 11, 2014

Portland Coast // Day 2 // Carnivorous Plants // Darlingtonia State Natural Site // Mile Marker 185.2

Have you guys ever seen the movie "The Labyrinth?" Well, this place kind of reminded  me of the stinky swamp in it...although, it didn't smell.  It's totally worth stopping and getting out for a 5 minute walk.

It just has carnivorous plants.  I kind of felt like if I got too close they would release their toxins and suck me into their beauty.  But we lived, so it must have been okay.