Dec 7, 2014


Aiko's birthday was 2 months ago and we just barely opened up one of her gifts. 

I wanted to wait until a snowy, dreary day, but we haven't had any.

Grandpa was in town, and since he gave her the kit, it only seemed appropriate to have him witness her first mess.

Obviously, she loved every minute.  Luckily, it was washable paint and didn't stain anything. 

Dec 3, 2014

Saying goodbye, by Signing.

A month or so ago we discovered that one of our beloved pine trees was dead.  Just plain dead.  One day he was green and lovely, the next, dead.  I was and am still slightly upset about it.  I'm not a tree hugger, but dang it, these trees worked so hard to grow up so big!

We all sat around creepily watching the tree-cutters.

Here, you can see on the right side how dead he was.

Doesn't he just look naked?  You can barely see the logger guy in there.  He truly was majestic.  (the tree that is.)

This adorableness just happened after the tree was taken down.  You'd think she was smiling at me, but no, she was SOOO excited because I let her watch Signing Time

Nov 30, 2014

Portland Coast // Day 4 // Trees of Mystery // Mile Marker 304 // Part II

One thing I loved about this road trip, was that we could get out and be outside all the time.  We got so much exercise and fresh air.  The Trees of Mystery was awesome too, well worth the cost to get in.   The paths were good enough that our crappy but favorite stroller from Wal-Mart rolled it like a champ.

My husband and I have constant debates about photos.  He doesn't like to take Big Jim out anymore because it's too much to carry around.  He claims his iPhone takes excellent photos.  Be that as it may, it's also how the iPhone handler handles the photo taking.  Which, he fails at it.  So if the photos are ever fuzzy, blame the husband.

There probably aren't two people in the world more in love with each other than these two.

We ended up eating at the Diner across from the wasn't super good, and the decorations were interesting.  But the Trees of Mystery totally worth it, plus they have a free Museum all about the Native Americans of Oregon.