Apr 30, 2013

New Mexico

i believe i could have lived the rest of my life in New Mexico

i love all the bright colors, turquoise and well, maybe, not all the skulls.  they were slightly pretty anyway. 

baby girl and i decided to take a quick trip to visit our bestie annie.  i've known annie since we were in first grade.  it's amazing how we've kept in touch through the years!

we visited Old Town Alburquerque. there were churches, live bands, tons of shops


crazy masks

artists who carve sculptures. he also asked if we wanted a picture with it.  so we did.  i love how he took a picture with half of it being concrete.

and one of my favorite things!  STONES!  turquoise, amber, coral...all things lovely.  we looked at every one.  i love turquoise and all the natural stones.  plus it makes it even better when they are made by someone.

Apr 28, 2013

where's my baby cupcake?

this hat looked way cuter when it's not placed on a baby head.  but it's cold outside still. 

so instead she can look like a chef. because, the adorableness of this child is absolutely ridiculous. i am her mama so i can deem it so forever and ever. 

Apr 25, 2013

thrifted thursdays

colander 50 cents
frames $1.00 each to be put on my frame wall
rolling pin 50 cents (for my collection i'm starting)
scale for my etsy shop. i'd really like to stop going to the post office.

bought baby girl some shoes for the future. since she doesn't wear any now anyway. 
$1.00 each

Apr 21, 2013

sometimes, i'm such a winner

i was standing in the back.  it's a new usual place, because instead of being home where aiko can sleep, we are now at church and she's fussing, because it is way past nap time   she's getting a little too loud, i know people can't concentrate, so i decide it's off to the mother's lounge.  while shutting the door, my wedge shoe flipped over, so i grabbed the doorknob, thus saving us from landing on the floor, hit my knee with the door and there was a sudden "oOooooooooooh!"  with all heads turning towards us.  i pull myself back up, bow, and tell everyone i am okay. 

well, i didn't really bow, i kind of wish i did.

Apr 20, 2013

baby room part dos

ya know, it's true, i never knew how much love can go to a little baby.  every time she smiles, she about melts my heart. i haven't used the word "adorable" more times than these last couple months in my whole life. 

this blanket is also adorable friends.  my friend holli made it, hand picked all the material and hand quilted all of it.  how does someone know someone else so well?  i love this and for some reason this sun totally makes me think of aiko. corny i know, but i'm a mama people.

this pup i made.  
my grandma phyllis was an avid crocheter and had a subscription to some magazine.  guess who she bequeathed them too?

this little hippo was thrifted from japan's finest thrift shops.

this game is very hard....i can't remember what its called, but it also traveled from japan.

and this.

this heater plays an important part in our lives.  especially in picking it out.  with his new baby, the husband scoured over websites, comparing, researching which would be the best deal and most efficient. ;)

sweet sister hannah and the mama made this. seen on one of my pinterest boards. (sigh, you know how you pin things and then can't find them AGAIN?!?!)


bought from etsy, i'm not even going to tell you how much i spent.  for some reason the knitted look is so much cuter than the crocheted and since i can't knit...

ikea pails from grandma walker. use them to hide all her bathroom stuff. the cute little bunny slippers i bought on a whim (i should have crocheted them but see, when you are 9 months pregnant you don't want to do anything) the doily i did crochet myself...and it was the first and last one i'll probably ever do.

Apr 19, 2013

hello string art

i've been in a get in and get it done mood.

which the kona knows doesn't happen very often

saw these on pinterest, of course. 

late birthdays and how pinterest saves us everyday

i have this pinterest board

which, it works out well.  you may think it's weird, but i post all my hearts desires and when the husband has a need to purchase something nice for me...i already have it picked out! which, it also helps the fam out if they so need a reason to buy me something! 

like this!
and this

and this!

and this...although, technically, i did buy it for the husband and i.

it took me a long time to get this, but my husband isn't a knick-knack kind of guy.  he doesn't want stocking stuffers and little things.  

just give him the money.  

or give him whatever he has on his amazon list.  it's plain and simple...he also thinks i work that way.  but, i don't, i like the knick-knacks and all the little things...what can i say? i'm a material girl.

we easily solved this little error with my pinterest board. ladies, just a thought on how to make your husband's life a little easier...and get what you actually love. 

crisis averted. 

here's to you pinterest.

Apr 18, 2013

how to make a quick pillow

so this tote has been going around my house forever. if you are like me...you are a bag lady.  i have a lot of bags and i just can't help myself.  

i've been meaning to make a pillow out of it. 

and so i did.

i bought my insert from ikea and stuffed the tote!

also, i RIPPED THAT TAG off this ikea pillow!

i was showing my friend holli (who sewed that super cute baby quilt) my quick and dirty idea...we decided we should tack the edges down...so holli did with her sewing machine and mad skills

i really like it.  the snap was left in, just in case i decide to actually wash it.
looks nice huh?  with my nice and thrifted chair.
literally people, less that 5 minutes.

thrifted thursdays

thought i would start a little tradition of showing off my favorite thrifted items.

this pillow was $4.95
chair was $15.00 and basically my most treasured item

not sure what this means, but i really like it.
50 cents

avon perfume thingies $4.00 (they were a little pricey from a yard sale but i couldn't help myself.)

lucky i found this horse one at my favorite thrift shop for $2.00

Apr 17, 2013

station 22

you guys.  this place. was. awesome.

sugar waffles with maple chicken and bacon (the mama ordered this.)

burger with roasted peppers and homemade fries (sister ordered this.)
all smelt and was delicious!  my food took a little longer and as a breastfeeding mama, i was starving.  hannah pointed out how i wolfed it down. . . it was a ratatouille sandwich.  it was wonderful. 

they claim to have the state's largest soda pop menu.  eighty something...

this was the mama's reaction to the "cups." 

as you can see, everything is different, yet worked so well together!  all the silverware, chairs, mason jars were all different!  as a thrifter, i'm sure they took out all the good stuff at the local shops.

they even used pallets to decorate the walls...(it's a current obsession of mine)

while i'm not a huge pop drinker...i saw the lavender and thought i'd better try it.  not super sweet and it was just right!  i did try some of the butterscotch beer...it was extremely butterscotchy and i liked it!

so on the way to the bathroom we found a surprise!  look at all the variety?!  we had to buy a couple to bring home to the husband, as he considers himself some sort of master of root beer.

julia childs even made a debut

i can't even tell you how much i loved the looks of the place.  before we even got our food we knew it was awesome because of all the little details in the place.  they even used twine to tie the napkins.

kind of wish we had taken a better picture of our waiter.  he was super "chill" (as hali would say) and they all dressed like newsie boys!

so next time in provo...be sure to stop at Station 22 Cafe.
corny...why yes, yes, i am.