Apr 12, 2013

rugged mountain man rendezvous: fort buenaventura

here we are, debating if we should go to the mountain man rendezvous.  baby girl is trying to convince grandpa

baby girl loves hanging out with people.  she's pretty content to be sitting on someone's lap, watching everything.

so, i saw this giant banner saying Mountain Man Rendezvous Easter weekend.  i knew i had to go. if i had more time i would have prepared an authentic outfit, but alas, i had a hard enough time fandangling everyone into going with me.  once we got there though...
i. couldn't. have. been. happier.  
although, we did miss the knife throw (i am still distraught.)

people watching at its best while be historically accurate.

i was trying to take a picture of his butt...mainly because there were strings used there to close it up. i know, i'm a little awkward.

you could buy, trade, barter.  if only i had known, i would have brought out the big guns.

i was trying not to get noticed while taking this picture. you guys should have seen it.  he had a top hat on with a feather coming out of it, then he had on all this jewelry and multiple piercings,   it. was. awesome. to top it all off, he had his oxygen machine attached and was at least 75. 

i finally got brave and just asked this guy if i could take his picture, but i didn't notice how little he was wearing in some important areas, so i didn't dare ask to take another one with his eyes open!

so much cool stuff.  i don't even know what half of it is.

but these, i know what these are.  this girl loves her beads.

so my husband was telling me he thought this was pretty cool, then wondered who had a kid we could buy this for...then it dawned on him. 


until next year mountain man rendezvous.  we eagerly await the authentic outfits, cream soda, wool blankets,  ax and knife throws (we will get there in time next year.) trading and everything else you could offer. 

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