Apr 19, 2013

late birthdays and how pinterest saves us everyday

i have this pinterest board

which, it works out well.  you may think it's weird, but i post all my hearts desires and when the husband has a need to purchase something nice for me...i already have it picked out! which, it also helps the fam out if they so need a reason to buy me something! 

like this!
and this

and this!

and this...although, technically, i did buy it for the husband and i.

it took me a long time to get this, but my husband isn't a knick-knack kind of guy.  he doesn't want stocking stuffers and little things.  

just give him the money.  

or give him whatever he has on his amazon list.  it's plain and simple...he also thinks i work that way.  but, i don't, i like the knick-knacks and all the little things...what can i say? i'm a material girl.

we easily solved this little error with my pinterest board. ladies, just a thought on how to make your husband's life a little easier...and get what you actually love. 

crisis averted. 

here's to you pinterest.

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