Apr 20, 2013

baby room part dos

ya know, it's true, i never knew how much love can go to a little baby.  every time she smiles, she about melts my heart. i haven't used the word "adorable" more times than these last couple months in my whole life. 

this blanket is also adorable friends.  my friend holli made it, hand picked all the material and hand quilted all of it.  how does someone know someone else so well?  i love this and for some reason this sun totally makes me think of aiko. corny i know, but i'm a mama people.

this pup i made.  
my grandma phyllis was an avid crocheter and had a subscription to some magazine.  guess who she bequeathed them too?

this little hippo was thrifted from japan's finest thrift shops.

this game is very hard....i can't remember what its called, but it also traveled from japan.

and this.

this heater plays an important part in our lives.  especially in picking it out.  with his new baby, the husband scoured over websites, comparing, researching which would be the best deal and most efficient. ;)

sweet sister hannah and the mama made this. seen on one of my pinterest boards. (sigh, you know how you pin things and then can't find them AGAIN?!?!)


bought from etsy, i'm not even going to tell you how much i spent.  for some reason the knitted look is so much cuter than the crocheted and since i can't knit...

ikea pails from grandma walker. use them to hide all her bathroom stuff. the cute little bunny slippers i bought on a whim (i should have crocheted them but see, when you are 9 months pregnant you don't want to do anything) the doily i did crochet myself...and it was the first and last one i'll probably ever do.

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