Apr 25, 2009

John & Kate plus 8

For some reason, I am drawn to this show. I really don't watch much TV, but I will watch hours of these guys. . .I figure if these guys can handle eight, and multiples, life can't be that bad. Plus look how CUTE they are!

Apr 20, 2009


Imagine this....
Kona pulling me on her leash while I longboard, panting, and making a curious choking noise...

Derek, a few feet in front of us, calling Kona on

Riding This!

And then, we swap. (You know you want to ride this beauty down a hill)

I'm not sure when, but I'm wondering when that grown-up feeling will settle in? I was just thinking how terrible it will be when I can't play soccer, get out of our low riding car, ride our super awesome Razor around (which my mom won at Maverik) or when I won't want to watch a Disney Show (that would be incredibly weird).

My friend Chelsee asked my mom the other day how she got hers kids to still watch cartoons...Jan, Hannah, Hali, and I will watch old cartoons for hours. I wonder why that is anyway? Luckily, my cute husband likes to watch them too! He knows as many Disney songs/lines as I do...so attractive!

Sometimes I hear moms complaining about how their kids will watch the same cartoon over and over, I wonder if it will ever bother me...

Apr 16, 2009


Oooh baby, oooh baby!
Guess who is a LONGBOARD Owner! That's right.
$35 on Ksl.
Kona will now be able to pull me on this baby....I am way stoked!

Apr 14, 2009

Easter Fantasticness

Tradition pulled from the Walker side to the Oka side. The Egg role.

Gram's our biggest fan!

We have to make sure they all start at the same time

The Line-up

Hali and I chasing the seagulls that came, we may or may not have thrown 2 dozens eggs in the road...

Every year Mitsie does a scavanger hunt for the cousins, ages 19-36 or so. We all participate. Sometimes it can get ugly, notice Derek pushing me out of the way, and Hali and I pushed past each other.

It's so nice to see flowers and sunshine!!

Bradley jumping out of the swing...so daring!

Laney for some reason kept sticking her arms out in the swing like she was flying... She loves to swing.

Derek almost crashing the long board!

Easter was fun...sorry for the jumbled photos, takes way to long to try and figure it out...

Sparkly Fingernails

I love fake nails. Couple of reasons why.

1. To my everlasting shame, I have bitten my nails for as long as I can remember. This year I was determined to conquer that terrible habit. I think I've done it, 24 years later, yeah, I know.
2. They are so Pretty! You can wear a grungy outfit and still look fabulous!
3. Such Variety! Colors, sparkles, jewels, & patterns.

I also Hate fake Nails. Couple of reasons why.

1. Expensive! About every two weeks I have to go in and get them filled.
2. Really, they are just a waste of money, but to an avid nail biter...don't they just look OH SO much better?

Median between my Love/Hate: I learned to do my own fake nails. You know the reasons why.

My friend April just taught me how to do them! Bought all my stuff, and some handmedowns, now all I need is the practice. So if you have a couple of hours and like $15 (since I am still perfecting) you now have a Nail lady!

Apr 13, 2009

Gift from Sam!

Hello! Notice Kona's flower and mine as well. I got many compliments on my fun flower at work! Sam sent them as my little gift from her!

Apr 11, 2009

Late Birthday Post

With each Birthday I feel younger?

My good friend Chelsee made a delish and very cute cake. Ate it all.
We went to my Favorite Chinese Restaurant China Hill (Say it fast with Asian Accent) with the family.

I know, it's weird, but I still can't call myself an adult. I was at an
Asian Program for Hali, and one of the parents asked what High School I go to...the shock on his face was pretty good when I told him, that in fact, I graduated college 2 years ago.

In fact, we went to Wendover and I only got carded once!! Well, she didn't even ask, I just placed my ID down when I was exchanging money.

It makes me wonder what people think of Derek when I come "bebopping" along his side. (For some reason everyone thinks of me as a Bebopper(?!))

Apr 9, 2009

The time has come (pun intended).

Well hello again.

Auntie Janet suggested making those fancy watchbands, luckily for her, Steph just taught me how to make them a couple of weeks ago. As many as your probably know, Bumble brand is extremely expensive, $17 for a face and $27 for the bands. I'm all about saving money, while accessorizing.

So on April 18th. 2009 at 3 pm we will begin fun times.

Here are the steps to a successful watch party at Harmony's House.

1. Come to Harmony's house at specified time and date.
2. Go Here to pick our your watch face(s)
3. Send Harmony your watch face order, with product number and color (so we can try and get a bulk order done). We'll be adding $1.00 per watch for S&H + tax
4. One can either bring they're own beads, (clearance racks in Walmart have many cute beads.) or I have beads in the following colors ($4.00 per band if you use my beadstock)
Maroon (wood), mustard yellow (plastic), black (plastic), coral in red colors, black lava rock, & white pearl (plastic).
I can also find other colors, or am happy to go shopping with friends in need of some coloring advice. Ü
5. We will provide all clasps, elastic material, spacers, and glue. ($2.00 per person)
6. Bring a treat to snack on.
7. Friends are invited, but please RSVP.
8. Bring your cash.

To sum it up, you could make 1 full watch for around $11 or go to Bumbles (Go there for ideas for free!) and spend much more. If you are unsure what kind, size, color, amount of beads, please contact me.

If you would like a watch band but don't want to make it, I'd be glad to make one for you for $5.00 more.

Please e-mail at Harmonymwalker@gmail.com

Oh yes, other girly fun is available, waxing (you know you want too), pedicures & manicures, eating, and whatever else someone can add.

Apr 3, 2009


Couldn't help ourselves.