Apr 11, 2009

Late Birthday Post

With each Birthday I feel younger?

My good friend Chelsee made a delish and very cute cake. Ate it all.
We went to my Favorite Chinese Restaurant China Hill (Say it fast with Asian Accent) with the family.

I know, it's weird, but I still can't call myself an adult. I was at an
Asian Program for Hali, and one of the parents asked what High School I go to...the shock on his face was pretty good when I told him, that in fact, I graduated college 2 years ago.

In fact, we went to Wendover and I only got carded once!! Well, she didn't even ask, I just placed my ID down when I was exchanging money.

It makes me wonder what people think of Derek when I come "bebopping" along his side. (For some reason everyone thinks of me as a Bebopper(?!))

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