Apr 14, 2009

Easter Fantasticness

Tradition pulled from the Walker side to the Oka side. The Egg role.

Gram's our biggest fan!

We have to make sure they all start at the same time

The Line-up

Hali and I chasing the seagulls that came, we may or may not have thrown 2 dozens eggs in the road...

Every year Mitsie does a scavanger hunt for the cousins, ages 19-36 or so. We all participate. Sometimes it can get ugly, notice Derek pushing me out of the way, and Hali and I pushed past each other.

It's so nice to see flowers and sunshine!!

Bradley jumping out of the swing...so daring!

Laney for some reason kept sticking her arms out in the swing like she was flying... She loves to swing.

Derek almost crashing the long board!

Easter was fun...sorry for the jumbled photos, takes way to long to try and figure it out...

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