Sep 30, 2013

Greek Festival!

It's a good thing there is a giant banner advertising the Festival.  I've always wanted to go!  So go we went.  The food lines we super long, the giant multiple smokers were going for hours and the desserts were delicious!

I don't know what any of it was called other than the Gyro and Pita bread.  All I know is it was pretty rich and quite good.  Different but good.

Somehow, we managed to find the only baby chair, which Aiko appreciated.  She also really enjoyed the Greek olives.

I think the best dessert were the powder cookies...all 1/2" of powdered sugar, but the very small cookie inside basically melted away in your mouth!


Sep 25, 2013

The Eagle's Nest has Landed.

The Baby.

 The Gear.

 The Crowd.

The Flyer who takes her husband's birthday present and uses it as her own. 

The Outfit. (I changed right after.)

The Instructor

The Set-up

The Take-Off.

The Peter Pan Pose

Flying into the sun. Now, I must describe this whole thing...relaxing.  I didn't feel it was a rush of thrills, maybe if I were able to fly it by myself, but you just kind of floated.  It was fun, don't get me wrong, just don't go do it if you are looking for a thrill seeker. 

The awkward descent. 

Super Awkward Descent. 

Happy  Baby.
Happy Birthday to the Husband from March.  We now know not to wait until the last moment to schedule a Groupon. Always look at the expiration dates. 

Photo credits: Hannah

Sep 23, 2013


Yes, already.  Call me crazy, but it took so long to get Aiko, I decided come what may, let's get this fatness done and over with. Plus, I think it will be super fun to have them close together.  Aiko will be 1 next month. This fact seems to surprise a lot of people.  She's pretty tiny.  In fact, Hannah decided to check her stats online and Aiko doesn't even register for 9 month babies. She's been 15 lbs since she was 3 months and has only grown 3 inches since she was born.  Oh, well, technically, she does have some super short genes, Asian and not. 

It was a slight surprise when I found out we were pregnant.  I'd just gotten home from girl's camp and found out our friends the Jones' were pregnant, so I promptly texted Heather.

me: No, Way.
Her: What, are you pregnant too?
me: No, I don't think so.

But it had me seriously thinking about it a day later. When I took my first test it came back invalid...this the story of my life when it comes to these puppies. I was a little bummed.  Tried again later that day and it came back positive.  Friends, this is how it should go right?  A little surprised, worried, happy, blown away.  I immediately texted The Husband and from their it's history.

I've found that this whole pregnancy thing seems to be a little harder when you don't go to work everyday.  I was nauseous all through with Aiko, but only puked twice.  This time's crazy.  Not only have I looked chubby from day one, I'm just trying to sleep as much as possible so I don't feel sick.  Luckily, I have another friend who is also pregnant and due about the exact same time!  So we text back and forth what we shouldn't have eaten that day and what we puked up.  It actually makes for good fun.

Does anyone else think that the second pregnancy is also much more exciting that the first?  See, now that I have #ohniceandchubbybaby, I actually know what fun comes from having a baby now.  Does that make sense?  I'm twice as excited because it's another little human (that will probably look just like her dad, never like her mom...just like #ohniceandchubbybaby) but nonetheless, I'm oh, so excited.

Good Times are coming people. Good Times.

I was going to create some clever saying for Aiko's shirt...something that included her #ohniceandchubbybaby line...but my brain wasn't into it.  We just took a sharpie and went at it.

Sep 21, 2013

the kona wishes to tell you

she needs some serious lovin.  also, please note her little face wart.  it was about 5 times bigger and gruesomer.  (see photo here)  i took some manuka essential oil and we killed it in about a week.  it's still gross, but she's still just as lovable.

Sep 19, 2013

getting our salsa on

i was never one for sweet salsas. i love my salt. when i married the husband...his mama has this killer salsa.  it's sweet with some kick and SUPER addicting.  plus, no sugar.

so, i make it every year, just for him and me.  lucky for me, my mom and auntie help me chop up everything...except for the tomatoes, we take care of them with the blender. 


looks good right?

Sep 17, 2013

how do you enjoy being a woman a leisure?

i enjoy it quite a bit.  i've said it before and i'll say it again.  i love being a stay at home mom.  i can be as hermit like as i want and do what i want...until that baby calls of course.  i craft, i read, i take naps, cook, chores, lay out on my deck, go for walks.  i still say this is the life.  with one baby who naps quite often i have to keep myself entertained.  i'll admit as aiko is the only child, i'm she is at a super fun stage.  boxes keep her entertained for pete's sake. (look at that belly)

luckily though, i do have a friend that reminds me that it's good to be part of a community and do something noteworthy while my baby sleeps.  therefore, she takes me along to Local First Ogden Meetings and soon to
the Ogden Arts Festival Committee meetings. 


alicia's a pretty smooth talker (i mean this in the best way) and a go-getter.  such a good example for me.  so instead of lazily spending my afternoons basking in the sun, i've found myself creating flyers, documents and brainstorming for Local First.   alicia is also the one who got me involved with Indie Ogden, writing articles about the city.  she gave me the tour of 25th street, and knows all the local shop owners. so we get together, plan and brainstorm.  really, it's good for the brain and the heart.

Sep 16, 2013

land of bounty

i've been neglecting my gardenely duties...luckily, auntie mitsie is there.

this year we grew carrots...i don't ever remember my grandma growing them.  they are my favorite.  even the littlest carrot smells more carroty than any giant one from the store.  plus, they are SUPER fun to pick! obviously, i need to work on my thinning skills a little more.

as you can tell, the pears are ripening.  it's probably one of the few fruits i can give the whole thing to my baby without her choking on it.  the basically melt in your mouth.  (don't worry, she was more worried about her pear than those pickers behind her.)

the husband and i were picking grapes...that grew up the gazebo, pine and some other weird tree...maybe a pecan?  see, there was this bushel of green grapes right about the husbands head.  these green grapes are small and soft enough aiko can eat a whole one and i don't have to worry.  so of course, i needed them. 

there were plenty of concord grapes but they have seeds and seem to be a lot of work if you are going to eat them.  thanks to jan for taking the photos.

Sep 14, 2013

the land of nod

i'm a huge fan of the land of nod.  i get the magazine and look through it over and over again.  mainly to get ideas but always wishing.  they other day a woman with @thelandofnod e-mail bought a pair of my planter heads.  i wrote her briefly telling her order was on the way and that i loved the land of nod.

then i got this.  

These are for our lobby - they're awesome! You should design product for us, your work is amazing. I could totally see it translating to lighting or something. let me know if your interested, (I'm the CEO).

i was baffled and still am. you can imagine it took me a while to figure out what to write back.  one day...maybe we'll see our planter heads in their magazine.

in the meantime, i gave my little lady a new hairdo.  she's going to look oh-so-festive in my fabulous newly remade half kitchen. 

no longer mine own.

i've recently been informed by a good friend, that my instagram account which is clearly named "harmonymwalker" is no longer my own.

and i quote 
"it's not longer about you harmony, i follow her
that #ohniceandchubbybaby"

Sep 12, 2013

flies and life

i know, i know.  it's been a while.  but i haven't felt anything was blog worthy...just been lazy.  

so now, it's super late and i'm wide awake.  

also, there is this large fly buzzing around the house, and for some reason, i feel really sorry for it.  this sympathy originally started as i sat upon the toilet and listened to the fly hit the mirror over and over again.  why?!  i'm not sure where all these feelings of sympathy came from.  my family would probably not consider me the most sympathetic person...maybe it's from one of the many karate kid shows.  i'm thinking of the one girl karate kid who spends time in a monastery and they teach her all life is sacred.  impressed?

well, there's a life lesson for tonight. 

all life is sacred.  

funny how this disgusting fly has brought out such feelings.  i even opening the door for it to go outside, but no luck.  that's probably as far as my sympathy goes.  you lost your chance fly.