Dec 17, 2012

historic 25th street, not the brothel it used to be

so, my lovely friend alicia, a barista, gave aiko and i a tour of historic 25th street
which...apparently was the brothel district back in the day.
but NO more!
(as far as i know anyway)

she took us to "a good life cafe"
where we dined on soup and a delish sandwich 
topped it off with a fruit smoothie.
i've had a lot of vegetarian sandwiches...and theirs was by far the best.
plus the soup of the day was a curry lentil soup.

the shop below the cafe was super hip...and not badly priced
(husband note this.) 
picture is kind of blurry

aiko was a good little raptor and slept most of time.  
she slept, whilst balancing on the pub chairs...

a few things i mentally noted for future reference...
i usually carry an extra outfit, but i didn't and needed
i did actually fill up on wipes right before. 
(10 points for me)
i learned to change her on a chair
she doesn't mind her milk cold
she doesn't mind eating while in her moby
she eats almost 10 ounces 
(which i'm still baffled that comes out of me)
i need business cards
(the husband is creating a website for me...soon to be released)
alicia loves to network

i'm very excited to spend more time on historic 25th street with this lovely lady!

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