Dec 13, 2012

crafty auntie hannah

so we've seen them on pinterest
those super cute onesies
well, auntie hannah made a bunch for aiko
(so weird to put her name there instead of baby! we're making progress)

below we have a line up for you

obviously, she doesn't feel that she "nailed it."
she was probably quite hungry.

if you'll recall, we called her "fetus" for the whole pregnancy.
but no more.

this one was an ode to the kona.
someday, when she can at least hold her own head up,
we'll try riding the kona.

this one is a favorite.

auntie hannah spent quite the time on these.
hand cutting each saying with an exacto knife
then painstakingly painting each letter.

well done auntie
well done.

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