Dec 15, 2012

No Espanol. Zilch, None, Nada part II

the other day i was standing in front of the spice rack debating if i really should buy that much curry, when a mexican grandpa came by.  i shifted to allow him space, since the spice rack is limited on space

he's mumbling in spanish
only i realize he isn't mumbling to himself, 
he is talking to ME.
when i don't respond or even look at him 
he finally speaks english to me.

"don't you speak spanish?" says mexican grandpa
"no, just a tiny bit" says i
"it's good to know two languages." 
"yeah, i bet it is."
"are you mexican?"
"no." a little to loudly i felt
"what are you then?"

i do enjoy seeing people's faces, it's a look of shock and confusion.  i patiently await the default phrase i know is coming.
"but your eyes are so big." thanks gramps.  i get this ALL the time, Merry Christmas to you too.
"do you speak japanese?"
"no" i say.  "do you?"
"no" he says, then walks away.

that's it. 

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