Dec 20, 2012

christmas memories

thinking back to this post...
made me think that i should take some photos of some of my favorite ornaments.
just in case that day of smashing them comes sooner.
and because i feel that ornaments are blog worthy.

we have one from mount rushmore

aiko's first christmas ornament
(grandma says that his eyes remind her of my baby...she kind of does have beady little eyes)

i'm a sucker for the blown glass, so pretty!
(which is all that much easier to smash)

this one i got in columbus ohio with annie.
it's suppose to ward of witches

these have the high honor of being on the garland this year.
last year, they were under my bed.

these are just a few ornaments on my ugly christmas tree.
so excited to see what the next 10 years bring that are ornament worthy!

kolob canyon
(one of our favorite hikes)
nativity scene background brought to you by the husband
he's painted three paintings in his life.
this is one of them
and probably the last three he'll ever paint. 

other posts about kolob and hiking southern utah here and here.

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