Jun 29, 2009

Water Balloon and Punks

Derek and I just had a fabulous time at Lagoon. We were driving home and for some reason, Derek finds it hard to remember which street we live on, so we always miss our turn. After making a large loop we drove by a church when BLAM! A water balloon hit our car. Feeling rather mischievous and slightly angered, we decided to pull around and chase the little punks.

After we pulled in the church parking lot with our brights on, (because there are many scrub oaks they could be hiding in) we got out of the car and began to search for our little friends. We could hear them whispering and fear was in the air. I walked around the bush and behold, there he (one of the many) was. I roared (literally, we Hesley girls are loud) and proceeded to tell (yell) how pathetic he was for running away from me. Man, he booked it. Haha, I can just imagine how his littler heart was racing.

I'm a little regretful that I didn't chase him down, not to hurt him, but I did envision myself tackling him to scare him silly and perhaps sit on his head, but nothing drastic. (This is something I would do, if only I had been quicker and not worried about a lawsuit) Nuts, if only he could have walked home with the humiliation that a barely 5' lady took him down. Where is the justice?

Derek and I have now made a pact to always chase punks down when needs be.

Punk Smashers out.

Jun 25, 2009


So we were walking through Target and we came across this beauty. Nice.

Jun 24, 2009

Get that Star Trek thing off the homepage!

That Star Trek thing was annoying after the first day or so. This post should help push it off the page quicker...

Jun 20, 2009

Two Words: Fishin' Babes

Yeah, we know we look awesome.

Don't worry, those really are Hali's Waders, our own fishing poles, tackle boxes, complete with our fishing vests. We felt pret-ty good that we would succeed in the fishing today.

Wouldn't the Aggies be thrilled with their future graduates?

Derek does not like to fish, so we brought Kona, Devin and Nika to keep him entertained. Sadly, the mosquitos were soooo bad, we didn't stay very long. And no, we did not catch fish.

A few things to note here, see a blue bulge on my right side? It's my own personal mosquito repellent device. I have this small phobia of mosquitoes, basically, they try to consume me, drive me crazy, and then scar me. Hence, not only do i have my repellent device, I also have a whole other bottle of spray in my vest.
This is probably taken moments before I fell in the river, losing my personal mosquito repellent device to the river. Later my second bottle fell in the river, but don't worry I DID save that one.
Morgan City, isn't it cute? This is my latest place I would like to live, yes, by the Mink Farms. The rolling hills, I think it's a quaint little place.

Jun 18, 2009

We're getting better at these face shots

So, I'm not terribly huge on taking facebookish pictures. You know the ones that people take themselves while holding the camera in just the right spot?

Probably because, it is difficult.

One of us either looks like a thug, like Derek here.

Or me here.
Either way, it is difficult. Or you know that dreaded double chin look. Yeah, we have a LOT of those beauties.

By the way.
Have I told you lately, that Lagoon is AWESOME?
Except, for the small word called Nausea. I've discovered that I can't handle this ride, one of the oldest there, (Say Out Loud in a Powerful Zeus Voice) The Turn of the Century.
(Back to normal Voice) There are quite a few that have made me extremely nauseous. I now know that people aren't lying about getting sick.

Jun 9, 2009

Hill Air Show!

The Nelson Family came and spent the weekend with us, we went to the Air Show, went to Hobbs Pond and Lagoon. It was a fun weekend. Nephew are definitely entertaining.

Derek in his official piloty (new word) glasses and Aggie hat (he's not an Aggie)

The crowd was pretty crazy, people were everywhere, and this is only on side of the crowd.

The Thunderbirds!!!!!! I realize that I take the Fighter Jets for granted. When you live by an Air Force Base for 20 years you start to forget the true Awesomeness. I grew up in the Air Force, my Dad flew these bad boys. Cool huh? I remember going to the runways with the fam to watch my dad land and climb out of the F16, they would truck us all out in an armored car and give us ear plugs (they were yellow and came in a nifty cardboard cylinder. Cool fact huh.) Here's a Shout out to all the Pilots (Daddy) out there! (woot Woot)

This is called a Low Rider...he slowly moved like this in front of us.

Unfortunately, most of my pictures were blocked by the wing.

Random Picture 1
This guy had an awesome beard, I thought Derek was taking a picture of me, but no, it was Beardy.

Random Picture 2
I know it's terrible, but I really couldn't resist. People are fascinatingly weird.

Cool Old Plane.

End of Air Show.

Walking Hobbs Pond

I've been trying FOREVER for Kona to give kids rides. We finally succeeded!! She was tired and couldn't resist. The boys thought it was hilarious. Anyone have a small saddle, about Kona size?

Jun 3, 2009


We went down to Cedar this last weekend. I was feeling slightly sad, because we had an offer in for the Old Iron Town house(!)
Well, that feeling has passed, not because I don't miss our house, but because the offer fell through. ***Sigh.

Regardless of which, as you'll see in the pictures we always have a fabulous time! Tom, Carol and the Nelson's were able to hang out and go play on the pond! I really do love Old Iron Town. If only it were by a city with some jobs...

Boys playing in the muck.

Daisy vs. Arch Nemesis Fence.
So Daisy would not go around this 5' piece of fence and under the barb wire which was 2' off the ground.

This is her look of defeat.

Supposedly the old School House of Iron Town

Kona knows coming any closer will result with her being pushed off the dock .

Logan, making sure there was water in the pipe still.

Caleb, being daring.

Derek, walking advertisement for our Plumber at work.

(Construction shirts do not come in Small or even Medium)

Since we still own the house. . . .

(Bend to our will Universe and make our house sell! The Secret anyone?)

Who wants to go play there?!?! It really is lovely.

What would a weekend be without BANG! ?

I recommend it. Kind of like Murder in the Dark/Mafia.
Ages 6 and up...