Jun 20, 2009

Two Words: Fishin' Babes

Yeah, we know we look awesome.

Don't worry, those really are Hali's Waders, our own fishing poles, tackle boxes, complete with our fishing vests. We felt pret-ty good that we would succeed in the fishing today.

Wouldn't the Aggies be thrilled with their future graduates?

Derek does not like to fish, so we brought Kona, Devin and Nika to keep him entertained. Sadly, the mosquitos were soooo bad, we didn't stay very long. And no, we did not catch fish.

A few things to note here, see a blue bulge on my right side? It's my own personal mosquito repellent device. I have this small phobia of mosquitoes, basically, they try to consume me, drive me crazy, and then scar me. Hence, not only do i have my repellent device, I also have a whole other bottle of spray in my vest.
This is probably taken moments before I fell in the river, losing my personal mosquito repellent device to the river. Later my second bottle fell in the river, but don't worry I DID save that one.
Morgan City, isn't it cute? This is my latest place I would like to live, yes, by the Mink Farms. The rolling hills, I think it's a quaint little place.

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  1. See! No fish, no repellent device... You should have bagged the fishing and come with us to dinner and IKEA! And YES we did go through the entire thing backwards! BOO. But, if you were there with us, you could have saved the day... Ahhh.