Jun 29, 2009

Water Balloon and Punks

Derek and I just had a fabulous time at Lagoon. We were driving home and for some reason, Derek finds it hard to remember which street we live on, so we always miss our turn. After making a large loop we drove by a church when BLAM! A water balloon hit our car. Feeling rather mischievous and slightly angered, we decided to pull around and chase the little punks.

After we pulled in the church parking lot with our brights on, (because there are many scrub oaks they could be hiding in) we got out of the car and began to search for our little friends. We could hear them whispering and fear was in the air. I walked around the bush and behold, there he (one of the many) was. I roared (literally, we Hesley girls are loud) and proceeded to tell (yell) how pathetic he was for running away from me. Man, he booked it. Haha, I can just imagine how his littler heart was racing.

I'm a little regretful that I didn't chase him down, not to hurt him, but I did envision myself tackling him to scare him silly and perhaps sit on his head, but nothing drastic. (This is something I would do, if only I had been quicker and not worried about a lawsuit) Nuts, if only he could have walked home with the humiliation that a barely 5' lady took him down. Where is the justice?

Derek and I have now made a pact to always chase punks down when needs be.

Punk Smashers out.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahah. I love it. Did you do the hesley woman cry or simply yell? The cry is something very fearsome. Love it.

  2. that is hilarious! Just so you know, I have hit more people/cars/houses/etc with waterballoons than anyone I have ever met, so we might have to throw down next time we see each other. Haha. P.S. - How old were the kids?