Jun 9, 2009

Hill Air Show!

The Nelson Family came and spent the weekend with us, we went to the Air Show, went to Hobbs Pond and Lagoon. It was a fun weekend. Nephew are definitely entertaining.

Derek in his official piloty (new word) glasses and Aggie hat (he's not an Aggie)

The crowd was pretty crazy, people were everywhere, and this is only on side of the crowd.

The Thunderbirds!!!!!! I realize that I take the Fighter Jets for granted. When you live by an Air Force Base for 20 years you start to forget the true Awesomeness. I grew up in the Air Force, my Dad flew these bad boys. Cool huh? I remember going to the runways with the fam to watch my dad land and climb out of the F16, they would truck us all out in an armored car and give us ear plugs (they were yellow and came in a nifty cardboard cylinder. Cool fact huh.) Here's a Shout out to all the Pilots (Daddy) out there! (woot Woot)

This is called a Low Rider...he slowly moved like this in front of us.

Unfortunately, most of my pictures were blocked by the wing.

Random Picture 1
This guy had an awesome beard, I thought Derek was taking a picture of me, but no, it was Beardy.

Random Picture 2
I know it's terrible, but I really couldn't resist. People are fascinatingly weird.

Cool Old Plane.

End of Air Show.

Walking Hobbs Pond

I've been trying FOREVER for Kona to give kids rides. We finally succeeded!! She was tired and couldn't resist. The boys thought it was hilarious. Anyone have a small saddle, about Kona size?


  1. I like how in the last picture you can see Kona's rolls where Logan's leg is. How precious.

  2. We had a lot of fun. The air show was awesome! Thanks for letting us come.

  3. Derek you need to wear a shirt when you kiss Harmony in public hahahaha