Nov 30, 2009

We are greatful for

We are grateful for the game "Curses" that causes Britney to do weird things.

That makes Steve also do girly poses,

And a falsetto voice with hiccups,

that make Grandma do cheerleader moves,

makes Derek hide behind the couch because he hates acting games,

for nephews,

For Turkey Bowl Days playing Football,

Rockband fun,

For Family Fun!
Thanks for the fun turkey days! We miss you guys!

Nov 22, 2009

Boys Night Out

Ross came out to visit from Texas and so we had to get the boys together. Reminiscing about their glory days in high school and college. Absolutely, ridiculous. There are no real words to describe them. Maybe Cedarites...

The Nose, a poor girl that dated Ross and she become The Nose, because of her large Nose. Apparently they named all their dates.

Caleb narrating. "Remember that night that we were talking about how we could get 10 freshman girls to come over any time and not 10 seconds later the door bell rang and 10 freshman girls were at the door and wanting to hang out with us." All laughing their own laugh, turning red, remembering how awesome they once were.
There were also long periods of time where I tuned out their many mission stories. Sigh, they are pretty hilarious. Where are you John and Scott?

Girls Day

All the girls went out and all the boys watched the kids. This is how they watch the kids.. . and Kona.

Apparently, Logan was no please about the situation.

Cute Baby Tyler. He's just funny.

Our Bounty. Carol, Gena and I made some cards and notebooks. Super Cute stuff!

Nov 19, 2009

Descendants of Esther Oka

Remember to get me your favorite story of Gram by Thanksgiving! This includes our parents, you and your children (if they can talk). And don't tell Grandma.

Nov 12, 2009


Late post, but only because I'm not sure about this. . . We also dressed up as X-men.

I was Storm. Completely embarrassing. Hali told me to roll my eyes up so I could have Storm eyes...tried it lately? I thought I was having a seizure. But Hali is a professional.. . see below.

Yes, this is one of Hali's many "ugly" faces. She has a lot that she practices regularly. It is creepy.

But look how sexy Wolverine is here!!! I've been begging Derek to be Wolverine forever!! Like his claws? We even bought him some muscles for the extra pectorals.

The Millers came over for a Halloween Dinner. Melinda did an awesome job!! She made all the costumes except for Hook.

Nov 11, 2009


For the first time in my entire life, I completely, absolutely used up a chapstick. It’s true, the first one I’ve not lost or let the washer/dryer eat it. I’ve never come to the point where I can’t possible twist up any more chapstick. I feel complete.