Nov 12, 2009


Late post, but only because I'm not sure about this. . . We also dressed up as X-men.

I was Storm. Completely embarrassing. Hali told me to roll my eyes up so I could have Storm eyes...tried it lately? I thought I was having a seizure. But Hali is a professional.. . see below.

Yes, this is one of Hali's many "ugly" faces. She has a lot that she practices regularly. It is creepy.

But look how sexy Wolverine is here!!! I've been begging Derek to be Wolverine forever!! Like his claws? We even bought him some muscles for the extra pectorals.

The Millers came over for a Halloween Dinner. Melinda did an awesome job!! She made all the costumes except for Hook.


  1. Harmony! Those are AWESOME Storm eyes, why did we not get to see that in person?!

  2. Man, you guys just can't get enough of Halloween, eh? Sweet costumes though. Love the spandex pants and Woverine's "claws". Where is Kona's costume though - SERIOUSLY - What kind of parents are you?

  3. I love them Harm, awesome costumes!