Mar 29, 2008

Hanging out with Grandma. . .

I just showed grams one of the many cool features of a Mac, like the photobooth!!  Grandma thought this was hilarious!!

Mar 26, 2008

A new post!!

Arggg!! The "White Alligator" Not to be confused with Albino.

These guys were hilarious!! The one laying down would grab the toe of the bear sitting up and the other would grab the others face. They repeated this over and over.

BAby Giraffe!! 4 months old. Very cute. It's so weird that they are shaped like that. They still remind me of Dr. Seuss animals.
THE AVATAR. . . Dun dun dun.

Well Hello!!
People have been buggin us to get our blog updated. So here we go. Nothing too exciting has been happening. . .

We are both 1 year older than we used to be. Derek is getting old, very old. People seem to think that I am getting younger for some reason, for some reason I still look like a 17 year old. Maybe it's because I have birthday cakes like.....

THE AVATAR. . . Dun dun dun.

Isn't it cool Caleb (Little Caleb)??

My mom, Hannah and I used our old cake baking and decor skills. Pretty cool huh? (I know you like it Hunter)

We also went to the Zoo last week with Hannah and my dad. It was a very nice day. I think Derek still wants to be a zoo keeper deep down. . .

Work Situations-
Derek works on Main Street in an historic First National Bank building. It's a pretty awesome building, he works on the top level, him and Chuck (his boss) doing websites. He gets to see all sorts of accidents.

I work in Downtown Salt Lake. We are currently working on some upscale condos (96 units) there called the Broadway Tower. Here's the website They are going to be AWESOME.

Derek and I recently got Library cards and have been reading lotS. I listen too books on tape to work, helps with the long commute of traffic. We've also been running. . .slightly. Kona is getting fat.

Easter was way fun. We had our annual scavenger easter egg hunt, which can get viscious. My cousin's husband Cory, tries to take out people, while I counter-attack with dumping out his basket. Sadly, Cory still beat us.

We also took on the Walker tradition of "Rolling Eggs" Which I think everyone enjoyed. Basically you roll your egg down a hill and whose ever egg doesn't crack wins. The only steep hill we could find was grams gutter. Cory won that also. His toddler twins loved it, but their eggs didn't last too long they kind of cracked every egg they touched, they loved watching the bright colored eggs roll down the gutter though. We also took those eggs and threw them into grams garden seeing who could throw over the ginormous pine tree gram has.

I keep forgetting that we have recently become awesome tile people. I'll have to get some photos and show you guys our tile jobs at my mom's house.

I think I've written enough for now. TTFN!!