Sep 13, 2007


We are building a Garage!! Wahoo! Our veggies are doing good! All these were picked today. GT Builders, where Harm works, we just had the Parade of Homes, and we won! Harm got to pick out colors and things that were in it! It's cool that GT won in their first year they entered. Derek's Work, Strategic Planet, does GT's Marketing, and he made an Awesome brochure and their website!

Go there! You can download the brochure pretty quick. It was a good learning experience.

Old Iron town is a great place, tonight we went on a picnic on the pond boat with some home grown BLT sandwhiches! Delicious.

Oh, Derek's dad makes a way good HOT PB&J, just put your regular sandwhich in a sandwhich maker and Viola! Delicious!