Jun 29, 2014

Orion smiles

#ohniceandchubbybrother is quite the charmer lately.  He's giving #ohniceandchubbybaby a run for her money!

Jun 28, 2014

Cherry picking


It's a good thing she doesn't realize that she is in fact a tiny child. 

In the words of my best friend Anne "She's like a giant baby."  Which if you don't think of her as a toddler....

This was moments right before I fell.  See how high I was?  My mama intuition was going crazy.  We kept taking Aiko down and then she would crawl up.  Oh the things one does for delicious fruits. 

Jun 27, 2014

Orion Birth

I've been wanting to write a blog about Orion's Birth for some time now.  Some people think I'm crazy, which, if you know me at all, you know I have my own way of doing pretty much everything.  I have some pretty strong opinions about natural birth, I'm not trying to offend anyone, but my experience of birthing in a hospital versus at a birthing center was like night and day.   As I prepared for Orion's birth I started learning that things that happened with Aiko's birth didn't necessarily need to happen.  At all.  

His birth was perfect.  It was one hundred percent natural with no complications.  It's the birth Aiko and I were cheated of.  I can't really say any super positive things about little Aiko's birth.  Other than having her of course.  I lost control the moment we stepped into the hospital.  I mean, they wouldn't even let me walk into the hospital.  It's not like I was dying or even having really bad contractions, they just wouldn't let me walk.  I decided that the next time we had a baby,  I was just going to have the baby at home somehow or find a birthing center.  Luckily, someone told me there was a birthing center, just a few miles away from my house!  

We chose to have a water birth at the Arrivals birthing center.  I wanted to be somewhere where I was in control, surrounded by family and a midwife who made supported me.  Somewhere comfortable, away from the monitors, needles and sometimes impatient people.  (I had some really awesome nurses at the hospital and then I had some really terrible ones.) I was recently asked why I would have a birth without any kind of drug.   Well, because I wanted to feel everything!  God made it so we could have babies, our bodies know exactly what needs to happen.

I think that Hollywood and society in general have made birth much too scary.  Plus, we live in a fast paced world that's somewhat negative.  Especially about birth, I mean really, can you even name someone who had a positive birth experience?  Orion's birth was just like I read it could be.  

A good experience.

It's crazy how your body really knows what it's doing.  My contractions started pretty regularly around 7:30 that morning.  We went into the birthing center around 10:30 AM.  I was able to breath through the contractions pretty easily.  We got in the tub as soon as it was ready.  At one point, my legs were going numb and then my hands.  My midwife calmly told me that my body was working with me to get this baby out. 

It wasn't until we started pushing where things got kind of loud.  In my mind, I had planned to birth Orion nice and quietly...in the end I sure wasn't quiet.  But, as I explained to those surrounding me, it wasn't all from pain, it's like how tennis players grunt with each swing.  It helps get more power out!    

My midwife says that at some point every birthing mom says "I can't do it."  But they all do anyway.  When I said it, I suddenly felt my sisters grab my hands and squeeze.  I can't even tell you how much strength it gave me.  It was 12:30 and then, he was out.  

This was the way I wanted it, quickly and while "easily" isn't the word to describe birth, it was.  He came out and they placed him on my chest and in my arms.  He was mine.  I could still feel the umbilical chord pulsing.  It was just like I imagined, but even better.  With Aiko, they placed her for a second and then whisked her away.  I still feel this ache where I wanted her more than anything and they wouldn't give her to me.  Even as I write this.

 It also made such a difference to have Derek supporting me.  Not that he didn't during Aiko's, he actually had to support me WAY more.  It was just different.  It was a much calmer environment, we didn't feel any pressure.  I know he feels that natural is the way to go.  It really was amazing.  These pictures capture the moments perfectly.

When I was ready, my midwives cleaned and measured little Orion.

He was extremely alert through it all.

I was able to get up and shower shortly after delivering little man.  Three hours later we packed it up and went home.  I can't even explain how good I felt.  Yes, I was tired, but I also very alert and quite happy.

I know, I know, you may think, please, this is all set up to look wonderful and easy.  This can't be the way it really is.  I really, truly believe that most women can have a birth this wonderful.  I can't tell you how many negative experiences I hear and how sad it makes me.  Surround yourself with positive experiences, books and people.  Educate yourself. Find support groups, find a Dr or Midwife who will support you in every way.  Make sure your Midwife is completely qualified as well.  I know that there are extreme cases where things can go wrong, but for the most part, it doesn't have to be a scary thing.   

It's a wonderful thing.  

I recommend that everyone read Hypnobirthing.  (Husbands, siblings, parents.)  It's a good book that easily explains birth and how it is possible to do it naturally. 

Photos taken by the lovely lady of Auburn Soul Photography

Maybe you've heard the jets.

If you live in Davis or Weber County you know what I mean.  

Yet another AWESOME free event. 

This is my dad back in the day when he flew the F-16.  He wore Ray Bans before Tom Cruise.

I know. It's pretty cool.  I was pretty young when he was flying at supers sonic speeds through the air, but I still remember getting to watch him land.  

I remember his last flight in the F-117, we got to ride out on the runway in an Air Force truck and put these cool little ear plugs in our ears...

So maybe it's just sweet memories or maybe because this show is just as cool as any Top Gun movie. (Which my dad also went to Top Gun School.) Go and support the Air Force!

(To the public)
9-10:00 am
Preshow Attraction - Remote Control Planes
10:00 am
Golden Knights - Carrying US Flag, National Anthem
10:30 am
Air Show begins
Visit www.Hill.AF.mil
for additional information
• US Army “Golden Knights” Parachute Team • Holland/Stein/Chapman
Mark Peterson

Buck Roetman Dan Buchanan Ace Maker
Gary Rower

Dave Erickson
388 FW
Bill Stein
Mark Peterson
• US Air Force Heritage Flight Red Bull’s Kirby Chambliss

and the Red Bull Air Force Jump Team
Matt Chapman
• US Army “Golden Knights” Parachute Team • Smoke-N-Thunder vs Rob Holland
Rob Holland
Aerobatics: Parachute, C-130 Aerobatics: MX & Edge 540’s Aerobatics: P-51

Aerobatics: Pitts
Hang glider specialist
Aerobatic: T-33
Aerobatics: PT17
Aerobatics: Edge 540
Aerobatics: F-16 Attack Demo Aerobatics: Zivko Edge 540 Aerobatics: L39
388 FW F-16, WWII era P-51 Mustang Aerobatics: Edge and Jumpers

Aerobatics: Eagle 580
Dual Aerobatics: PT17 and Pitts Aerobatics: Parachute, C-130 Jetcar vs MX
Aerobatics: MXS-RH
Precision F-16 Demonstration 

Previous Blog of Air Show. 

Jun 26, 2014

South Ogden Days

Me:  You guys South Ogden Days is this weekend!
Siblings: Yay.  (In a super non-excited tone.)
Luckily, I have a husband who enjoys free activities as much as I do.  We once again made the trek up our neighborhood hills.  Notice the "s" after "hill."  The husband wanted to try out our newish stroller.  I'd be looking at the double strollers for a while and I wanted one that Aiko could stand/sit.  Once I showed the husband what I wanted he went to researching and found us a deal on Cyber Monday.  The best part...it's ORANGE. 

Who doesn't love a carnival?  The 5 year old kid carni kid working the booths?  The people watching?  The domestic violence?  (Not really, but I was quite worried about this girl, but the Sheriffs were nearby.)

There is always a free kids booth that let's you play with different musical instruments.  Aiko's favorite would be the maracas.   I'll admit, the carnival isn't quite as magical during the day.  But it was nice to walk around easily and not have to dodge the high school kids that are inevitably going to come.

On our way home we found this quail watching us.  Our neighborhood has tons.  Plus it's baby time and the families are waddling around.  When we first moved in our older neighbor asked if my dog was going to eat the quail.  It was awkward. 

After getting a quick nap in and watching the husband finish staining the deck, we decided to once again embark up the hills.  They set off fireworks a few miles from our house and we were meeting our neighbors.   Plus, look how pretty everything is at night!

Like I said, who doesn't love South Ogden Days?

Jun 25, 2014

South Ogden Days Parade

I love this parade.  Mainly, because it's the same one I used to go to with my grandma and cousins every year we could.  Plus, we always got tons of salt water taffy.  TONS.  They still throw out tons of candy.  Though they have changed the location of the parade, it still runs through the neighborhoods.  Which, blows the husband's mind.  The parades he always went to were on Main Street and usually included sheep.  Like this one. He was still a little wary that random strangers just plop themselves down on someone's front yard.

We gathered up some of our neighbors to join us on some random person's lawn. 


I didn't actually get too many photos of the actual parade because I was too busy taking them of this little lady.  She was so much more into it this year.  She would cheer, run out and get candy and just stare. 


The humane society threw out stuffed animals, which hello, AWESOME!  Even if they did say 2013 from last years Christmas, who cares?  We actually got two dogs and a dog toy.  I originally gave the first dog away to the nice little girl next to me because I really didn't want to take one home.  But then a nice guy across the street came and gave/shoved his to the husband.  "For your baby." He said.  Orion was just hanging out in his carrier with Derek.  It was sweet and Aiko really did love the dog. 

You can't quite see, but there are frooties all around Aiko.   She would pick up as many as she could and hold on to dear life.  I had to pry them from her fingers to put in the bag.  

She didn't even know it was food until I let her have one.  Which, it's a good thing I didn't let her have one until the end.  I don't normally let her have candy, but I thought, shoot, it's a dang parade! 

I'm so glad that I can share this parade with my family now!

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