Jun 26, 2014

South Ogden Days

Me:  You guys South Ogden Days is this weekend!
Siblings: Yay.  (In a super non-excited tone.)
Luckily, I have a husband who enjoys free activities as much as I do.  We once again made the trek up our neighborhood hills.  Notice the "s" after "hill."  The husband wanted to try out our newish stroller.  I'd be looking at the double strollers for a while and I wanted one that Aiko could stand/sit.  Once I showed the husband what I wanted he went to researching and found us a deal on Cyber Monday.  The best part...it's ORANGE. 

Who doesn't love a carnival?  The 5 year old kid carni kid working the booths?  The people watching?  The domestic violence?  (Not really, but I was quite worried about this girl, but the Sheriffs were nearby.)

There is always a free kids booth that let's you play with different musical instruments.  Aiko's favorite would be the maracas.   I'll admit, the carnival isn't quite as magical during the day.  But it was nice to walk around easily and not have to dodge the high school kids that are inevitably going to come.

On our way home we found this quail watching us.  Our neighborhood has tons.  Plus it's baby time and the families are waddling around.  When we first moved in our older neighbor asked if my dog was going to eat the quail.  It was awkward. 

After getting a quick nap in and watching the husband finish staining the deck, we decided to once again embark up the hills.  They set off fireworks a few miles from our house and we were meeting our neighbors.   Plus, look how pretty everything is at night!

Like I said, who doesn't love South Ogden Days?

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