Jun 20, 2014

I've been avoiding this blog too long.

We started the day out just dandy.  Driving by my favorite rock shop. Ever. 

I have a thing about rocks, especially pretty rocks.  Whenever we hike I usually end up with a pocket full of rocks.  I then take them home and place them on my plants. 

I. Love. Pretty. Rocks. 

It's a good thing I like pretty rocks.

Because grandma, Aiko, Orion and I stared at them for some time.  
Waiting for the tow man. 

We had a wonderful backdrop for photos. 

#ohniceandchubbybaby indeed.

This is probably our last photo smiling for the day.  Things just got crazy.

Tow man shows up.
Tow man listens to car. 
Tow man grimaces.
Tow man loads car.
The husband's parents show up.
Tow man tells us that we should get towed to Grand Junction.
Tow man takes us to his house.
Tow man waits around while I nurse baby. (Awkward.)
 Tow man, Tom Walker, Orion and I drive to Grand Junction.
Tow man picks up a job along the way.
Tow man is missing just one tool to fix the new job.
Tow man informs us we are going to his moms.
Husband and I search for cars online.
Tow man, Tom Walker and I have good conversations about cars and life.
Arrive at Tow Man mom's house.
We unload everything out of our car onto Tow Man's mom's lawn.  
(Tom Walker thought this would be better so we didn't appear so desperate.)
Drive the lemon of car to the dealership.
Barely make it.
Walk around the car lot.
Find a car and a salesman.
Drive the car.
Smells like smoke and the alignment is off, plus it's all black.
Baby is crying.
Car is a million degrees.
We decide to leave for lunch.
Salesman lets us borrow the car to go to lunch. 
Tom Walker and I take the car to the other dealership.
Not one salesman comes out to talk to us.
If they had we would have bought a car.
Too bad.
Drive back to original dealership.
I negotiate.
I lose.
Salesmans says "Your engine is dead."

Blown away.
Don't try to trade in a car with a dead engine.
Don't buy a lemon of a car.
Don't try to finance a car while your husband is gone. 
You can't buy a vehicle and put it in someone else's name.
Don't ever put a car in just your husband's name. 
You can't trade in a car that your husband isn't there to sign for.
Don't try to buy a vehicle when you don't have any income.
Do bring someone who shows they have income.
Do try to keep your dignity when your father in law has to co-sign a car loan with you because you're a stay at home mama with no income and no husband currently within 1,000 miles of you.
 Don't cry.
When all else fails, just buy a brand new version of the car that just died on you.
Because that is logical.


After you spend 6 hours in a car dealership you feel like you own the place.
Finally bought the car.
 Left the lemon of a car there.
Went back to Tow Man's Mom's house to pick up our stuff.
 Drove the 5.5 hours home.
There's a burning smell outside the car. 
Tom Walker says "That's what a new car smells like."
Tom Walker and I have good talks.

We arrive home at 2:30 AM.

Meanwhile, you know we are going to have to go back to get the lemon of a car.
Luckily, there are strange people on KSL that like to buy dead cars for more money than dealerships like to give.
 A week later the husband, both babies and I drive the brand new car back to Grand Junction.
We sell the lemon of a car.
We drive home again.

Sometimes you get lemons and you have to squeeze dang hard to try and make into lemonade.

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