Jun 25, 2014

Jokes, Yarn Bombs and some Art.

Another weekend down on 25th street.  It's crazy how many things they have going on just down on that small street.  We passed by these guys, who were telling jokes.  I'm not sure about what, but I thought they were quite the crew.  My dad got me a new lens for my camera and I was trying my best to look like I knew what I was doing. (Thanks Dad!)

You may know this, you may not, but I love yarn.  I love crocheting, I wish I knew how to knit.  I have a whole section of my craft room bursting with yarn everywhere.  I've always got some yarn or pattern sitting around the house.  Crochet hooks are everywhere.  I love yarn.  So imagine my excitement to see some yarn bombing going on!  Who cares if it wasn't super pretty sometimes, it's just so much color...EVERYWHERE! 

I realize this is a very awkward photo, I'm not sure what I was doing, but it's yarn. 


See his socks?

Every year they have this Arts Festival for raising funds for the Union Station.  Artists come from all over and there are all sorts of different styles.  

One of the booths we found was a 3d printer.   The concept still blows my mind so I was super excited to see it in real life.  This is something from Star Trek or something.  Apparently, you take whatever material and design and this machine creates it for you.  It's the future people. 

Aiko and Auntie Hannah dancing to music. 

If you get a chance, just go walk down 25th Street.  It's beautiful.  Plus, every Saturday there is a huge Farmer's Market. 

One of my favorite pizza places.  They even have Vegan choices. 


A few more Yarn Bomb favorites!


Also, I was taking this awkward, shameless selfie and found it quite hilarious.  It kind of reminded me of those Native American paintings with a girl that's surrounded by the moon or wolf. . . except mine is more awesome because it appears I'm emerging out of a nice knit sweater. 

I'm cool like that. 

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